Jasmine’s playlists no.10: for my heart


It’s been quite awhile since I wrote up a playlist, so this one is a selection of 10 songs that I’ve discovered in the last year. These songs make me happy, they make my heart feel, they remind me of people I love and they are just wonderful little songs that I adore. I chose some of my favourite lyrics from the songs to go with the playlist too 🙂

Seeing Stars by BORNS

Some dreams never do come true
Some love doesn’t hit the target
I’ve been wishing about you
Darling I’ve been wishing my hardes


Painting Roses by Dresses

My heart lies in your bones 

You need a heart to move

And my heart, it belongs to you


Sunrise by Winterbourne

Rain keeps falling

I keep forgetting I need a sunrise

I look at the sky, the beautiful sky Everything will be fine


The River by Sam Garrett

sit down by the river and you will find, now

’cause you’re no bigger,

than what you’re inside

sit down by the river and you will find, now

cause you’re no bigger than the birds that fly


Young Souls by Broken Back

We’re walking through the lands,
Pure souls and dreams ahead
Tell the world here we are

Romantic adventurers we seek to discover
What the world has to hide

A thousand miles away
We’ve traveled to, so far to play,
We’ve put our fears aside
A thousand miles from home 


Oh Love by Prateek Kuhad 

Oh it’s time
To make up your mind
Don’t waste your time
Oh love be mine


Bonnie and Clyde by WILD

Fly across the world

Start a family

Move into a house

Live out all your dreams


Feel the love surrounded around you

Fuel the fire raging inside

Live your life

Don’t let it pass you by


Wolves by Down Like Silver

Oh, the world is dark
And I’ve looked as far as I can see
When the years have torn me apart

Let me be 

Daylight is waiting for you 


Australia by Conner Youngblood

There’s a fault between the bloodlines
Australia starts to shake
You can pick up where you left off
You wait


Gone (The Pocahontas Song) by Ziggy Alberts 

You put your hands in mine and

They fit perfectly together

Gone, gone as the daylight comes

 I’ll probably never see her again 

Gone, gone as the daylight comes

 I’m falling in love & I won’t pretend


Jasmine’s Playlists #9: Cool beats I’m listening to


1. Do You Remember by Jarryd James 


Call me when you’ve made up your mind but you won’t

Caught up in the way you paint my heart

Only love could ever hit this hard

Oh, don’t be scared about it

Don’t forget what’s real

Do you remember the way it made you feel?

2. The Lonely by The Ugly Club


So don’t you fall in before you try

The lonely want you to be their light

Don’t you want to have something there

When you do fall into that net?

Will you be ready?

3. Thieves by The Beach


All you get is all you give when your feelings

Meet the thief

Until you lose yourself

4. Begging Me To Come Back by Compny 


There is someone there

Begging me to come back

Begging me for it all

I don’t know what it is

I don’t know who we are


5. Greek Tragedy by The Wombats 


I love this feeling

But I hate this part

I wanted this to work so much

I drew up our plans on a chart

My characters strong, but my head is loose

6. Harps by Max and the Moon 


I wait for your heart but it sinks like a stone

7. What Kind Of Man by Florence & The Machine


But I can’t beat you
Cause I’m still with you
Oh mercy I implore
How do you do it
I think I’m through it
Then I’m back against the wall

8. Suddenly by British India


The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

Suddenly it’s happened to me

I swear that I will find you

I feel that I am one step behind you

Jasmine’s Playlists #8: 2014 (or songs I haven’t yet included in a playlist)

2014 was a difficult and wonderful year. Here are just some of the songs I spent the year listening to, songs that remind me of happy times and songs that got me through.

1. Mathilda by Little Comets

The wonderful albums of Little Comets have basically been the soundtrack of my life this year. It’s very hard to chose just one song, even when I’ve already named many in former playlists. Mathilda is definitely a favourite, though One Night In October, Lost Time, Dancing Song and A Little Opus (and all the others) could have easily been picked, too.

2. We Are The Tide by Blind Pilot

Just one of those songs that gets me singing and makes me happy (which is the effect of most of these songs). It’s just a lovely sounding, mellow song.

3. I Forget Where We Were by Ben Howard

Ben Howard…he is so amazing. I hope to see him on tour in Melbourne in March. I’ve had to wait to buy the tickets because I don’t want to dip into my savings, but hopefully there’ll be tickets left this time next week! This song is wonderful, but then again they all are.

4. Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant

One of those songs we listen to in the car. My family and I are very big on listening to music in the car, no matter how short the trip we’ve always got one of our iPods plugged in.

5. Geronimo by Sheppard

I don’t often like a lot of the songs played on the radio/mainstream pop just isn’t my thing. But I like this song, I really do. Again, it makes me happy. And it reminds me of my mum and her class at the concert they putt on 🙂

6. The Breach by Dustin Tebbutt

A lovely, beautiful song. Dustin Tebbutt is wonderful. I think a lot of acoustic singers are wonderful and I’m really not just saying it. Bones is also a superb track.

7. Fall Underneath by Snakadaktal 

There was a period early in the year where I was listening to this song on repeat for a month. Like every day. Particularly in the mornings when I had to walk to the station at 5.30 am to get to work. I still love it.

8. Hide by Little May

A fun and joyful song. Trying to describe my love for this song (and for the others) is difficult in my state of utter exhaustion, so all I can tell you is to please listen to it (them).

9. I Need My Girl by The National

Because I had a wonderful time seeing them on tour and this was my favourite song they did. Because I like to remember the good times and be happy they happened.

10. Luna by Bombay Bicycle Club

Do I really need to spell it out for you? It just makes me happy.

Jasmine’s Playlists #7: November


1. Never Play by Emily and the Woods


I didn’t ask to be born

I don’t think I’ll ask to die

I didn’t ask for the ground beneath my feet

I didn’t ask for the sky

2. You by Keaton Henson

(and every one of his other songs like Charon, 10am Gare du Nord, Teach Me and Lying To You)


If you must fight,

Fight with yourself and your thoughts in the night

If you must work,

Work to leave some part of you on this earth

If you must live, darling one,

Just live

3. Run by San Cisco 


I gravitate to you like your my moon

My moon at sea

My thoughts drift back to you momentarily

You’ve never been the one chasing me

 4. Games by Youth Allowance


I am tired of all our games

I still light up all the same

I admire her refrain

Saw the signs

Give her away

5. Hold Me Down by Mansionair feat. Revier


This is the place we lose our minds

Hold me down

Dammit, don’t you know that I will be there

6. Wah Ha by Lisa Mitchell 


Well here I sway tempted by the waves

What will it be? Dry land or open sea?

You’ve got nothing to lose

7. Oceans by Coasts


We’re in a rapture girl

We live in a lonely world

Willing to be the same

The same as it always was

8. The Daylight by Andrew Belle


But blessed was the daylight

Flooded my heart windows

And cleared the smoke that billowed out

I’m repairing my heart for you

9. Before Tonight by Raglans


Empty stations in the rain

And you are lost to me again

So let it rain on me again

What will come will come

What will be will be

10. It’s Okay by Tom Rosenthal 


Speak to me

My heart is free

My love has gone away

It’s okay

I know someday I’m gonna be with you

Jasmine’s Playlists #6: In Dedication of Little Comets


I literally love every single song of Little Comets, but here is 10 song playlist of some of them (ones I think I haven’t had in a playlist before?). Their lyrics are amazing and I find them so relatable (when I can figure out what they might mean anyway).

cover.600x600-75 Little-Comets-Jennifer-571727 EX-CATH-PROMO-FRONT5060257960033_medium0001072840_350little-comets1

1. Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead of Night

It’s like a fire

That holds me here

In this regard

You tie me down

I will be waiting

Waiting for us

2. The Assisted

Assisted by those who know

The memories I used to be

Suffering grips all my days

Taut like an elegy

3. Coalition of One 

And There Are So Many People

That Feel Let Down

Like I Do

4. Tense Empty

Don’t demonstrate with disregard

Don’t live your life with dreams

Of torment in your sullied heart

Don’t give a kiss, don’t settle down

If all you need, is to break a vow

You’ve been getting away with it all these years

5. Worry

Realise nothingness in both her eyes

And the way his words could strip

The walls she’s climbing

6. Joanna 

Strangle me with your words

Twist and turn like a chinese burn

Sully me with those lines

A thousand promises

I only ever wanted one

7. Figures

What lonely heart is supposed to stand around and cheat me

There’s a hole in my soul and I’m not seeing clearly

I’m sure I’m above this

8. Her Black Eyes

A victim of his token love

9. The Western Boy 

You should wash me away

One day I’ll wake up

And I won’t need you anymore

10. Bridge Burn

So now her heart’s

A mirror from the start

Evacuates the empty space between them

He holds her near

The sun a souvenir

A final time to reminisce before they bridge burn


Sorry it’s been a few days since I last posted! I’ve been madly finishing my essay and spending time with friends and family, including watching movies at my besties and looking around Whittlesea Show with my dad, stepmum and my younger sisters. Lots of fun!

But most fun of all… Today, after a very dull morning at work, I finally handed in my last assignment!!! Last time I’ll be going to my uni, too. FREEDOM! I am very relieved it’s over. Also went shopping with my Mum and my sister, and got my ears pierced. Very happy.

(But don’t worry, I’ve had plenty of time to read as well. A review for Alice Oseman’s Solitaire will be up tomorrow).

To celebrate, I’d like to tell you all about a non-book related obsession that I’m having at the moment (well, apart from My Mad Fat Diary and the final season of Breaking Bad, which I still can’t get over) and that is Ben Howard’s new album I Forget Where We Were.


At the moment (while so many others are listening to Taylor Swift’s new album) I am living and breathing this remarkable and incredibly creative album of songs about, from what I can see, the end of all things, and everything in between. It’s amazing. I highly recommend that you listen to it. Below I have (rather badly) attempted to describe each of the songs. They are all wonderful, but my favourites are Small Things, Rivers in Your Mouth, I Forget Where We Were, Conrad and End of the Affair. 

1. Small Things

A harrowing tune that moves from a hypnotic beat to a softer chorus that asks ‘Has the world gone mad/or is it me?’ This song goes on in a way that views the world in all its desperation and bleakness.

The last lyric of the song ‘And I can’t see my love’ breaks your heart before Ben uses all his lungs to sing the chorus again over a sped-up version of the opening beat. Then we are propelled again into ‘And I can’t see my love,’ surrounded by a cacophony of sounds so delicious you just feel like sitting in the dark and letting it in. (Well, pretty much the whole album makes you feel like that. It also makes me feel like drinking cider or moscato). 

2. Rivers In Your Mouth

One of the more popish songs on the album, reminiscent of Ben’s first album. However, there is still a quality to this song that is different, and rawer. The bridge ‘I am not myself today/I am not feeling okay’ flows in between the more upbeat tones of the song. The tune breaks towards the end, spinning us off into the lyrics ‘And you showed me hope admits the hellequins in spring/And you told me life was learning how to be your friend’ to the last instrumental moment, that eventually thins out into things wishing to be heard.

3. I Forget Where We Were

The title track to the song and one of the first I heard and immediately loved. This song is so beautifully crafted, the lyrics intricate and complex. The way it winds between softness and harshness is something I’m unable to explain with words. There’s something so sorrowful about this song, but in a way that also celebrates life and love. ‘Hello love/my invincible friend/…/For you I have so many words/But I, I forget where we were.’ Just…omg. 

4. In Dreams

One of the least enjoyable of the album, but still a great listen. What’s most special about this song is the lyrics, particularly ‘I live alone/I live a lonely life without you/And I may be troubled/But I’m gracious in defeat.’ I can relate to the message of this song.

5. She Treats Me Well

Another of the more slower songs, good for a mellow tune in the background. It does pick up towards the end of the song in very nice guitar solo fashion.

6. Time Is Dancing

Truly a unique song. One that’s a little more difficult to piece together, but Ben said it himself: songs are about a lot of things. The way the song gradually speeds up is seamless. And then it altogether stops, before the instruments pick up again. A magical moment.

7. Evergreen

A lovely beginning to the song, smooth and true. ‘Built a world without your love/And I build it mean’ is a strong lyric. The ending of the song is the highlight.

8. End of the Affair

My favourite song on the album. It is musical genius. A song I could, and have, listened to on repeat on full volume, just lying on my bed in the dark, or with the sun shining through the window. The song is full of moments that break your heart, whether it is already broken or has never been. And it’s not just the lyrics that do that. The amazing and wonderful break into a harrowing instrumental also does the trick. Combined with Ben’s powerful, raw voice singing ‘What the hell love’ it really does it for me. It’s amazing. Spanish Sahara (by the Foals) standard of musical brilliance.

9. Conrad

A more hopeful tune, I think, that definitely is close to my heart. How is possible for a song to make you feel both happy and sad? Maybe because I already feel that way and listening to this song just brings it out of me. ‘I loved you with the good and the careless in me/But it all goes back’ are one of my favourite lyrics in the song, but I think it’s the melody I like best. 

10. All Is Now Harmed

Another special tune and a great way to end the album. 

I could seriously listen to this album all day. I mean, I think I have listened to it at least twenty times through already, some of those one after the other.

Well, that’s it for me today. Just thought I’d stop by before I collapse in bed and read :). Hope everyone is having a good day/evening!

Jasmine’s Playlists #5: happy/chill songs (with meaningful lyrics).


1. First Time by Vance Joy


You’ll find out

That the deepest cut

Is the first time

2. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall by Coldplay


So you can hurt, hurt me bad

But I’ll still raise the flag

3. My Heart Is A Wheel by Megan Washington 


Didn’t mean to let go of your hand

But I am, I am

4. I’m Not Coming Back by Husky


I’m waking fright, with the moon outside 

Sleep won’t come.

I hope I’ll breath.

5. How Much Does Your Love Cost by Thelma Plum


Don’t speak

I hope you’re happy

‘Cause I think I payed what you want

You don’t deserve my love now

6. Jasmine by Mosman Alder


Where my mother died 

Jasmine on her grave 

7. Bayonne by Little Comets


So always be suspicious when they put their arms around you

And they tell you they’re delighted to see you

8. Featherstone by Paper Kites


We’ll hate what we’ve lost

But we’ll love what we find

9. Young Blood by The Naked and Famous 


The bittersweet between my teeth

Trying to find the in-between 

Fall back in love eventually 

10. Something Good Can Work (Acoustic) by Two Door Cinema Club


Let’s make this happen girl

You gotta show the world that something good can work

And it can work for you