The ABC Book Challenge: *J*

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Since getting back to blogging over the last couple months, I’ve really wanted to add something new to my weekly posts. And lo and behold, I’ve been inspired by fellow blogger Soffi @A Book. A Thought. (Follow her!) Soffi’s ABC Book Challenge posts were so fun, I decided I just had to do my own!  So, every week I’ll be posting my favourite, most memorable books and books from my TBR, moving from A-Z.

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(PS. Whoever came up with this challenge, I don’t know who you are but thank you!)



Memorable Titles

Only a few books for J this week and I love all three heaps. Jane Eyre is one of my favourite 19th Century novels and it’s a famous novel for a good reason. If you’re wanting to delve into some classic literature and haven’t read it, Jane Eyre is the perfect book to start you off. Jasper Jones is one of my all-time favourite Australian novels. Craig Silvey is a remarkable writer and his book is easily one of the most touching books I’ve read to date. I used to be a massive fan of Sarah Dessen and Just Listen is still one of my favourite YA Contemporaries, it’s such a lovely story. I would actually quite like to read it right now, thanks. I’m in one of those cuddling under a blanket moods.

To Be Read


Not surprising that I only have one book for this J TBR. seeing as it’s not a common title letter. Jackaby is a series I’ve wanted to read for a long time, as I really enjoy the 19th Century setting and this one comes with quite a twist! Plus, murder and mystery and paranormal themes always make for an entertaining read.


What do you think of my choices this week? Would any of these make your list?

Thanks for reading!

Jasmine @ Thesepaperwords


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