The ABC Book Challenge *G*

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Since getting back to blogging over the last couple months, I’ve really wanted to add something new to my weekly posts. And lo and behold, I’ve been inspired by fellow blogger Soffi @A Book. A Thought. (Follow her!) Soffi’s ABC Book Challenge posts were so fun, I decided I just had to do my own! 😊 So, every week I’ll be posting my favourite, most memorable books and books from my TBR, moving from A-Z.

Previous ABC posts: A + B + C + D + E + F

(PS. Whoever came up with this challenge, I don’t know who you are but thank you!)




Memorable Titles

Each of these books are so original, breathtaking and unforgettable, ohmygosh. Ghosting is a gorgeous, haunting verse novel about a school prank that goes wrong. My heart rose and raced when I read it and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially someone whose never read/enjoyed a verse novel before. Girl Mans Up is a phenomenal coming-of-age novel about Pen, one of the best, grittiest characters I’ve read in a YA recently. I loved her story of finding her happiness in the face of pleasing loved ones. I read Grasshopper Jungle a long time ago and it was absolutely hilarious, a true comic jewel.  Graffiti Moon is a set in my home city Melbourne, which I love, and it’s also a funny and sweet story about art, friendship, secrets and love. I’d actually love to read it again now I’m writing about it! Lastly, The Goldfinch is one of my favourite books of all-time and a modern classic that truly deserves to live in the spotlight. It really is a remarkable novel and I am so interested to see the film adaptation next year!

To Be Read

Every time I get to this section of these posts, I get more excited! So much to read, so little time! Goodbye Days is one I really need to get my hands on soon, the plot sounds so heartbreaking and intriguing. I’ll have to admit, the cover of Girl Made of Stars first drew me in and then I was even more excited when I discovered it’s a book about sexual assault issues including consent and victim blaming, and the ramifications of these on a group of characters who are close and struggling with self-identity and relationships. Sounds so powerful, I can’t wait to dig in. The Great Unknowable End is a book I’ve seen a lot of fellow bloggers talking about lately and I’m so excited for next year when I can read this book about the end of the world, hooray!



So what do think of my choices for G? I would love to know if you’ve read any of these books or plan to! Send me a message, please! 😀

Jasmine @ Thesepaperwords


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