Book Traveling Thursdays: First Book In A Series I Want To Read Soooon


I feel like I am always apologising for being the a super neglectful blogger! I can’t count how many Book Traveling Thursdays I’ve missed in the last several months, not to mention other weekly memes or any posts besides my monthly Wrap-Up and TBR. I have NOT been a good member of the blogging community at all, but hopefully I can try to post a little more in the next couple months before my travels begin.

Moving on.

Book Traveling Thursday is an awesome weekly event held by Danielle and Catia over on Goodreads. There’s a new topic every week and the deal is to share why you chose the book and four different covers of the book: The Original Cover, Your Countries Cover, Your Least Favourite and Your Favourite:).

The Topic This Week: Choose the first book in a series you want to start soon.

For my return to Book Traveling Thursdays after approximately 8 months of neglect (yes, it’s been that long), I have chosen Sabriel by Garth Nix, which is the first of The Old Kingdom/Abhorsen Series. Ever sinceI finally read His Dark Materials recently, I’ve wanted to read another fantasy series that would hopefully impress and move me just as much. It sounds amazing and has so many good things said about it, so I can’t wait to see for myself soon! 🙂


The Original Cover:


As first covers go, this one’s not bad. I like the colours and how it probably depicts exactly the kind of story there is inside 🙂


Australian & Favourite Cover:


It’s not very often that the cover from my country is my favourite, but this time it is. I really love this cover and the character design. She looks so badass and it really makes me want to pick it up and see just how kickass she is! 🙂


Least Favourite Cover:


Maybe it’s because I haven’t read the book yet, but I just find this German cover very odd. What’s with the bells floating in the air? Maybe they’re symbolic of something, but either way this cover just doesn’t work for me.


Bonus/2nd Favourite Cover:


Something quite different than the other covers and the most recent edition. I like it. There’s also an even more minimalist cover out there without the bottom images on it which I quite like as well :).


What do you think of the covers? If you’ve read the series, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays: First Book In A Series I Want To Read Soooon

    1. 😊
      Yay glad you like the Aus cover as well, I think it’s definitely better than the original and makes me want to read it so bad! I agree, the original cover is very old-fantasy and covers like that usually don’t inspire me all that much.
      Thanks heaps for stopping by, I hope I enjoy it, too 😁

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  1. I have the original cover of Sabriel, just because that’s the copy they were selling when I bought it. But the Australia cover and the fourth / most recent cover are my favorites, too.

    Btw I hope you enjoy Sabriel when you get around to reading it! She’s a great character, and the world of the Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre is really unique.

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