March Wrap Up and April TBR

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Although I have been so incredibly slack with blogging this month, having not posted anything since my last Wrap Up/TBR post, March has otherwise been a pretty good month. I’ve eaten far too much junk food (given that my boyfriend and I basically decided it was time to celebrate Easter early on multiple occasions), enjoyed working at a number of different schools with some fantastic kids, seen Little Comets play in Manchester and became obsessed with The Office (US). I’ve also spent a lot of time with my nose in some seriously good books, so here they are!

Books I Read


I finally, FINALLY read Philip Pullman’s MASTERPIECE! I’ve always meant to read His Dark Materials and I am so happy that I finally have. What can I say about this amazing series?! Really, I need to write out a proper review as it deserves more than just a quick little praise. It was magical, heartbreaking, hopeful. It was unlike everything I have ever read or dreamed of. I am in awe of this story and wish I could re-read it to experience it all again. Keep an eye out for a proper review, I fully intend to write one!


I enjoyed this way more than I expected to. Don’t be put off by the silly, cliche tagline! It’s actually a really good read and story about two teenagers who find and help each other. Don’t think for a second that, though the plot sounds as though it’ll be like so many other YA contemporaries, there’s not a whole lot to the book, because there is, especially in regard to the characters! They’re really great, and I guarantee they’ll have you smiling and crying.


This was an amazing read, super fascinating and unlike anything I’ve read before. It does indeed have Curious Dog in the Nighttime feel to it, but it’s got its own unique story and I was taken away by it. Budo, Max’s imaginary friend, is a great character and narrator, his voice is wonderful. This book is surprising, honest and a great look into what it’s like to be an imaginary friend, especially when your human friend is in desperate need of saving.  Just brilliant.


I wasn’t planning to read this book this month, but I ended up reading it over a couple of days. It’s one of those perfect YA contemporaries you can just relax into. I loved the concept of Steffie, whose a selective mute, falling for Rhys, whose deaf, and the complications this caused for their blooming romance. It was really sweet and touching. But what I liked most about the book was Steffie herself. I thought the way she was written was spot on and hilarious. I also loved how Edinburgh, as one of my favourite cities, made its way into the storyline. Over all, a nice little gem of a book :).









Looks like a great month of reading if I do say so myself! 😀