February Wrap Up and March TBR

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February was a really nice month. I worked a lot, read a lot and went on a wonderful little week away with my boyfriend and his family to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, where I ate far too much and almost got blown off Roseberry Topping by a ferocious wind :P. All good things, really.


Books I Read



I really enjoyed finishing this unique trilogy this month. Both Hollow City and Library of Souls were great sequels to the first book and the fact that this series has been so hyped up since last year didn’t change my enjoyment of them. That may be because I didn’t have any particular expectations, but whatever the case I can’t fault this series and will always adore the use of photographs as an integral part of the narrative.



This was a cute little read about a friendship and a boy finding himself. It wasn’t quite what I’d hoped/expected it would be in the case of the romance story, but it was pretty adorable and I did really enjoy reading it. Just a nice standalone :).



There were plenty of great things about Love and First Sight, particularly Sundquist’s insightful and creative exploration of blindness itself. Unfortunately, I found the plot a bit shallow at times and often felt like the writing style was vague and often skimmed over parts of the story I would’ve liked to have had more meat to them. But, still, it was a nice story with likeable characters and I did enjoy it :).


Adam Silvera wins all the awards.This novel is quite similar to More Happy Than Not in style, which I liked, and of course I enjoyed the narrative of History and Now. It was surprising, harrowing and true in delivery of a story about first love and grief. Though I wish there had been a little more in way of some explanations, I can’t fault the deliverance of Griff’s story and I’m really looking forward to Silvera’s next novel.


Started/Currently Reading 



I bought The Bone Clocks for my boyfriend for his birthday last year because I knew how much he loved Cloud Atlas, a novel I wasn’t so taken with myself. He finished Bone Clocks last week and told me immediately after that I had to read it so we could talk about it. I am loving it so far, it’s an incredible book. I’m really looking forward to finding out how the story all pieces together!!


Meant To Read


I was unable to pick-up my copy of this from the library on time, so I’m delayed in reading this now.


I read the first couple of chapters, so technically I’ve started this novel, but then I was told to read The Bone Clocks by my boyfriend first, so Northern Lights is up next!










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