January Wrap-Up and February TBR

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Like many months, January has had its ups and downs (mainly ups, thankfully), but it’s certainly been a good start to the year in regards to reading. I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read this month heaps! I’d love to have had time to write proper reviews on them because they’re really good!

Books I Read



Story of the Lost Child Cover-238.jpg

I really enjoyed this series and as you can see I flew through the last three in the four-part series this month. It was an amazing, fascinating read about two girls/women growing up in Naples, surrounded by poverty, violence and the complications that arise in being bought up in these kind of circumstances. It was an incredible story and the characters are so real and fascinating. The covers really don’t give these books the justice they deserve or go show in any way the depth these novels have.


I was surprised by this book. It was in the ball-park of novels like Eleanor & Park and All The Bright Places, though sad in a very different way. It was a really interesting story and different from other contemporary novels, I recommend it definitely!


Still Reading…


I meant to finish this book this month but haven’t had the time yet, but I’m definitely really enjoying reading more of Miss Peregrine’s books and keen to finish this one soon 🙂











What’s on your TBR this month?


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