Top Five Wednesday: Books I’d Love to Re-Read


Top 5 Wednesday is held hosted by mods Lainey and Samantha over on goodreads  🙂

The Topic this week:  Books I Want to Re-Read – Though it seems like we are all constantly chasing the next upcoming release, let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about some books that we’d like to re-visit.

I’ve been so slack with t5w this month and haven’t been able to join in with one topic! I probably won’t participate in next week’s Villains t5w, but at least I can make a post this week, even if a day late!

So, first of all I want to say that each book I’ve chosen for this week’s Re-Reading topic are books I’ve never re-read before. Therefore, I couldn’t include books like Harry Potter, Watership Down and I’ll Give You The Sun, a select few favourites that I’ve read 3 or more times. Instead, I chose 5 books that I’ve always wanted to re-visit but have never had the chance to, on top of reading books from my neverending tbr. We’ve all been there! So, without further rambling, here are the books I’d love to re-read someday!



A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

by Ishmael Beah


I know that I’ve already talked about this book a lot on my blog, and probably in similarly themed posts, but I can’t help mention it again. Ever since I read this back in high school, it’s always been in the back of my mind. It’s the saddest story I’ve ever read, and though I think it would mean being kind of cruel to myself, I want to read Ishmael’s story again because I think it’s an important story that needs to be relived. Not because it’s about anything good or happy, but because it’s about the horrible things that happen, that are real and that are ignored by those of us so fortunate and privileged. And I never want to forget that. This isn’t a book to escape into for entertainment and comfort. It’s a book about people who can never escape, or whose only escape is death.  It’s a book that tells you never to take your own life for granted.


More Than This

by Patrick Ness


I read this years ago whenever it came out (okay I just checked and  it was only 2013, but feels like longer!) and have wanted to re-read it again ever since. It’s odd, it’s one of those books that I read during University and really enjoyed, but because I was studying like mad during the time, my mind was often elsewhere even when I was reading a good book back then, so there are parts of this story I’ve completely forgotten. I think because I can only vaguely remember what happened in this book, it would be a great one to re-read as it would almost be like reading it for the first time again :P.


The Handmaid’s Tale

by Margaret Atwood



What an astounding book! I can’t even begin to explain how this book made me feel back when I read it a few years ago. I feel like this book demands multiple readings as it’s one that needs to be digested again and again to fully understand and appreciate it. It’s so powerful and rich and harrowing. I definitely need to re-read this!


The Road

by Cormac McCarthy


Technically I have re-read this already, but that was for the mere purpose of writing an essay on it during university. I’d love to re-read this book again without studying it. I have so many books like that that I’ve really enjoyed, but because I’ve studied them relentlessly, I’ve never wanted to re-read them again (other books like Pride and Prejudice come to mind!) I think this is the only book I read during Uni that I’d actually love to re-read today, some three years later. It’s such a brilliant and fascinating book, and I think if I read it again today, there would be things I’d discover in it that I didn’t before.



by Rainbow Rowell


While it’s not my favourite Rainbow Rowell book, I really enjoyed this when I read it a couple years ago. I thought it was a funny, smart and romantic story. It’s one I’d love to sit back down with, or cuddle up with under a doona (duvet), during a cold weekend or something like that. It’s just one of those really enjoyable, easy reads and I’d love to experience this lovely story again :).

And that’s it! What do you think of my choices? What books are you hoping to re-read?




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