September Wrap-Up and October TBR

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September had it’s very high points (a weekend in York, a weekend in London with family and including a visit to the Harry Potter Studio, spending time with my boyfriend every day, enjoying a couple of weeks of working at a primary school) and a couple low points (losing my supply position at said primary school, catching a bit of a cold…). Despite the minor set back there, it’s been a pretty good month. And it’s been a pretty good month for reading!


The Books I Read:

Five books for the month isn’t too shabby I think! Each of these books were pretty good, around 3-4 stars. I haven’t reviewed Tell Me Three Things and The Great American Whatever yet, but you can read reviews for the others somewhere on my blog. Surprisingly, while  All The Birds In The Sky and The Girl From Everywhere win for being super unique, my favourite book of the month was actually The Museum of Heartbreak.


Still Reading:


The Dice Man is certainly a harder book to swallow than the other books I read this month, and miles away in genre/content, etc. I think it’s one of those books I can appreciate in so many ways, but one that I just despise because it’s so cynical!  Only a quarter of the way through, but will definitely finish it.


The Books I Meant To Read:

with malice_hres

Only one book I planned to read but didn’t this week! Unfortunately, I had this one sitting at the local library waiting for me for ages, but every time I went to pick it up, the library was closed when it was meant to be open! Anyhow, I now have it in my little pile of library books, so next month…





Hopefully I get through these! I haven’t chosen toooo many books to read as I am baring in mind that I’ll spend the last week of October in Barcelona, though I’m sure my boyfriend and I will get through our book club book in between exploring the city :).


Finish Reading:



with malice_hres

Finally 😛


Very, very excited to start reading this one! It’s been sitting there on my bedside table waiting for me ever since I bought it for my birthday back in August :).

I pre-ordered this in August and I really can’t wait to read it! 😀 😀 IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING I CAN JUST TELL.


I am the most excited of all to read The Prisoner of Heaven, the sequel of The Shadow of the Wind, with my boyfriend. We’ll start it just before we got to Barcelona (which is where these novels are set if you didn’t know) and when we’re there too. Yay!

Well, there’s my September Wrap Up and October TBR! 🙂 How about yours?


6 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up and October TBR

  1. I had no idea The Shadow of the Wind was getting a sequel! (I’ve not actually read The Shadow of the Wind yet, but it’s perpetually on my TBR.) I hope you’ll tell us how you liked it!

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