Top Five Wednesday: Gateway Books


Top 5 Wednesday is held hosted by mods Lainey and Samantha over on goodreads  🙂

This week’s topic: Gateway Books to Your Favourite Genre
What books do you think are good to introduce people to your favorite genre? If you have more than one favorite genre, feel free to split it up to cover both.


I don’t really have one favourite genre (or I do, but I’ve already mentioned most of my beloved YA books)  so I decided to split my tw5 into 5 separate genres so I could chose a Gateway Book for each 🙂 I tried to choose books that wouldn’t be obvious choices, which is why I haven’t included Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings in here. I love them and they’re ultimate gateway books, no one can dispute that! But I wanted to go with some books that I’ve read that also really made me love different genres.





I only just read Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series in the last year, but it’s really inspired me to want to read more fantasy books! And there are loads I want to read, as I’ve never been a massive Fantasy reader in the past (unless it was YA, but so over that sub-plot of YA now EXCEPT FOR CLASSIC FAVOURITES LIKE HP AND NARNIA). So I definitely see this series as a Gateway book into this genre for me.  I’m almost certain no other Fantasy novel will ever shine as much as this one, but I definitely want to read more :).



Young Adult Contemporary


This is one of the first YA Contemporary novels I read in High School and it definitely made me fall in love with the genre. I found a lot of Dessen’s books a bit stale after I read Just Listen (which I read shortly after The Truth About Forever), she definitely inspired me to discover loads of amazing YA contemporaries that are favourites of mine. Sure, some YA Contemporaries are a bit cliche and predictable, etc. But there really are some treasures out there :).



Science Fiction


Maybe The Handmaid’s Tale is a little bit of an odd choice for Science Fiction, as it’s also largely a Woman’s Fiction, but still. This a marvelous, harrowing dystopian tale, and I adore it. Atwood inspired me to read more Adult fiction as well as delve a little more into Sci-Fi books… though I haven’t done as much reading in those fields as I’d like to!


Literary Classic


Throughout High School and University, I really enjoyed reading piles of Literary Classics. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was the first 19th Century novel I ever read back when I was 16 or so for my Literature subject, and I loved it more than I ever expected to. Just thinking about it makes me want to re-read it and explore other Literary Classics I haven’t been able to yet!




I remember the librarian at my High School really embarrassed me once because she told me she’d noticed I was interested in LGBT books. It was all hush, hush, like it was a big dirty secret or something. Anyhow, I happen to love reading LGBT, but mainly just because I love any romance/high school/coming-of-age story and wanted to read allll of them, no matter what the sexuality of the characters was! 😛

So, that’s it from me for this week’s tw5! Have you read any of these? What books/genre did you pick? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Gateway Books

  1. Fantastic list , but I’m really not sure about The Dark Tower for a new fantasy readers coz the first book “The Gunslinger” was a real troubling book , it may put people off the genre and the series, Heck it took me 6 months to stop stalling myself from the reading the 2nd book in the series .

    Gunslinger is just a rough book when it’s read without knowing of the events that transpired later on . Or atleast that’s what i think

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