My Day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London


Last Friday was a dream come true!! And the best belated birthday present ever.

I left Manchester on the Thursday to catch the train down to London, where I met up with my Dad, Sisters and Step Mum. We had a lovely Italian for dinner and then an early night, each of us very excited for our visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour the next day!

After a bit of a tricky ride there on the underground and trains (we were a bit stressed about being late when we got on the wrong, slower train instead of the express one), we finally arrived for our 11:00 slot into the most amazing exhibition in the world!!

It was so incredible. I can’t even fathom into words how amazing it was. To be in and see the sets that were used in the HP films. To see the costumes and props and models the art department created. I don’t want to explain it all in tooooo much detail, because I feel like the magic of being there is a lot to do with not knowing the ins and outs of everything they have, to be surprised every time you turn the corner. I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who are dying to go and haven’t yet. All I can say is GO GO GO GO. You won’t be disappointed. It’s an amazing place. Magic!

But promise me one thing for when you do go. Try the Butterbeer, it’s delicious! And bring enough money to buy some once in a lifetime souvenirs at the HP Store!!

Here are just a few of the zillions of photos I took. Just a small glimpse of what the HP Studio Tour has to offer :).





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