Traveling Thursdays: Warm Feelings


Book Traveling Thursday is an awesome weekly event held by Danielle and Catia over on Goodreads. There’s a new topic every week and the deal is to share why you chose the book and four different covers of the book: The Original Cover, Your Countries Cover, Your Least Favourite and Your Favourite:).

This week’s topic: Fall is just around the corner! Choose a book that brings you warm feelings.

There are so many books that gives me warm feelings! But there’s no book, or series, that gives me warm feelings more than this one!


It has to be Harry Potter because HP is a book series that has made me happy and warm for years and years. It’s my childhood in a book. I love it so much. Like for crazy HP fans, that love is undefinable. HP is my top go-to book if I’m feeling blue, and it’s a story that will always be close to my heart. Apologies for being such a cheeseball.

So, for this week’s Traveling Thursdays, I’ve picked one of the Harry Potter books. For no particular reason I went with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  to represent the series :).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2007) by J.K Rowling 


Original Cover, Australian/Uk Cover & One Favourite Cover:


I’ve always loved the UK edition of Harry Potter. They’re definitely my favourites because they’re the covers I grew up with 🙂

Least Favourite Cover:


I don’t hate the USA covers or anything, but I can’t say that I like them. I think it’s mainly to do with the text (not the HP logo, but the Deathly Hallows part), but also the illustrations. For whatever reason. But they’re not terrible!

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Jonny Duddle edition.jpg

This edition, however, definitely is terrible! Don’t like it at all, there’s nothing appealing about these new covers. Bleugh.

Other Favourites:


I LOVE THE JUNIPER COVERS SO MUCH!!! They’re amazing. Can’t decide between the Ravenclaw and the Slytherin ones, but they’re all pretty.


I quite like the adult editions 🙂


This edition of books I like quite a lot as well 🙂

And there are probably so many more that I love and dislike, but that’ll do!

What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Traveling Thursdays: Warm Feelings

  1. Personally I like the UK cover the most , since I’m a biased person and that’s the cover I have 😛

    Agreed with the least favorite covers , the fonts are really terrible to look at

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