Book Review: The Girl From Everywhere

The Girl From Everywhere was a very promising book in the beginning. The opening was strong, as were the introductions to the characters, especially Nix, her father Slate (the Captain) and her best friend Kashmir. These three characters are brilliant throughout the story, and I think it’s worth reading just to see how their characters develop as part of the plot. Heidi Heilig is definitely an interesting writer, and there were some lines and descriptions that hit me in a wow way.

The overall concept of the story is really cool. Nix’s father is able to Navigate through time on their ship The Temptation using maps created or dated in that time, and he’s desperate to go back to 1886 to save Nix’s mother, who died shortly after Nix was born. The problem with this is it could ultimately mean Nix would cease to exist. So, really, a large chunk of the book is asking, will Slate choose the lover he lost or the daughter he gained?

I really liked the characters, the overall concept and how the story was written in general. However, while I was really enjoying reading the book up until the halfway/last quarter point, keenly wondering how it would end, there were a lot of things that just didn’t work for me in the book and the ending was a disappointment. Not so much what happened in the ending, but more how it all happened.

Unfortunately, this is another novel that, for me, started really well and then just fell apart nearing the end. It was another novel that just felt as though it went all over the place and rushed. I hate it when novels feel like they’re rushed. It means loosing so much of the story and it just turns into something really anti-climatic. I think I would easily have liked this novel a lot more had it been longer, had there been just a bit more…

There were also some plot developments and particular characters I just didn’t like. I can’t really go into that without giving things away, but I suppose it’s largely to do with Nix and the two male companions of hers. One in particular I didn’t like. While Nix wasn’t much like many other girls in YA novels who can’t pick between her suitors, and I say kudos to that, I still didn’t really like her relationship with one of the guys. It just didn’t work for me, mainly because I just found him so annoying… Man, it’s hard to write a review without being spoilery! I think I just felt like that particular storyline did nothing for the story as a whole, and that there was no real conclusion about Nix’s feelings for both of the guys… it kind of just dwindled, much like the last quarter of the book.

So, all considered, this book wasn’t bad. I enjoyed a chunk of it, and didn’t really enjoy another chunk of it. It had so much potential, but when it came down to it, it just didn’t stick. A shame, really! Because it could’ve been a really brilliant book. But, still, I think it’s good for a time travel adventure novel and quite possibly other readers would like it much more than I did.



4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Girl From Everywhere

  1. I can totally relate to the difficulty of writing a spoiler-free review , I often have to rewrite paragraphs of my review because I’m giving away possible spoilers, this leads to my blogs becoming longer than I originally meant them to be

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