Harry Potter Moment of the Week


This is a wonderful weekly event created by Uncorked Thoughts and hosted by  Lunar Rainbows. Join in!

This week’s question: Who would you want as House Dormmates at Hogwarts?

Hm… good question! Even though I love Ron and Neville, for example, I’m assuming that I can’t chose any boys for this, based on Hogwarts Dorm rules 😛

Choosing 4 Dormmates should be easy enough, but seeing as I’m a Hufflepuff, I can’t technically have Luna, Hermione or Ginny as mine (don’t want to take them away from the house they belong in). Probably I’m taking this tooooo seriously, however..

I decided to pick four non-HP characters for this task. Seemed like a better way to do it!! And I feel like each of this girls I pick could fit quite well in Hufflepuff with me 🙂



Blue Sargent 

I love Blue from The Raven Cycle. She’s such a great character, really individual and interesting and someone I think I’d definitely get on with really well. Having her as a room mate would certainly be interesting!

Cath Avery 

I really liked Cath from Fangirl. I think we’d have a great time fangirling (obviously) and enjoying books, writing and the quieter activities 🙂

Isla Martin 

Out of the three main characters in Stephanie Perkin’s Anna, Lola and Isla books, I definitely related the most to Isla. She and I have a lot in common and I would really get along well with someone like her 🙂 Plus, I’d love to be friends with Kurt, and while I’m at it, Josh, Anna and St Etienne as well 😛

Viola Eade 

Viola from Chaos Walking is such a great character. She’s clever and opinionated and strong and I think she’d be great as a roommate, someone who’ll always have your back.

And there you are! What do you think of my choices?

Note: None of this art shown in this post belongs to me!


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. This a great take on the question. I thought about doing it this way, but I decided to chuck all the Hogwarts rules out the window and create my own dorm, regardless of house. 🙂 Cath and Isla would be awesome dormmates for sure! I love them both. I’m only just getting to know Blue, but she already seems like someone that would mesh well with the others. I might have to stop by this dorm room every once in a while to say hi, fellow Hufflepuff! 😉

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    1. Hehe 😊 Glad you liked my way of doing it. I almost did it that way, too, but kinda thought a lot of people would choose the same characters so 😝. Yeah, Cath and Isla are lovely. Hope you like Blue when you read on. We’d always be happy to have Hufflepuffs around 😂😝


  2. I like the way you went about answering this one! I just threw the rules out of the window. As a Ravenclaw, I would have had to have gone with Cho or if I was a year younger I could have Luna who I adore. I love Blue and think she would be a blast to room with! I don’t know the other ladies but if they are as awesome as her, you’d have a wonderful time.

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