Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I’d Want as Family


Top 5 Wednesday is held hosted by mods Lainey and Samantha over on goodreads  🙂

This week’s topic: Characters you’d want as Family! 

Love this topic, so so good!  I pretty much chose family members either that I don’t have or can have more of. Couldn’t do younger siblings or grandparents or parents or partners, for example, as mine are irreplaceable. So here we go!!



Uncle Rubeus Hagrid

I love Hagrid. I think he’s so adorable and hilarious and just think he’d be a wonderful Uncle that you’d be able to have a good laugh with and who’d care about you an awful lot.


Older Brother Eddie Dean


Eddie was my favourite character in The Dark Tower. Even though there were some questionable things about his character, I think he’s so funny and brilliant and loyal/protective to his family, so I think he’d make a pretty great older brother.


Older Sister Ellie Linton


The Tomorrow Series is so, so good and I’ve always loved Ellie Linton, the main character. I love that she and I both love to write. She’s such a strong and inspirational character, someone to look up to, so I think she’d be a great older sister for me.


Daughter Matilda


Because who wouldn’t want a daughter who loves to read and is as clever, magical and adorable as Matilda? 🙂



Pet Dog Manchee


Dogs are such an important part of a family to me and I love Manchee from Chaos Walking so much, so just had to chose him to join my fictional family! 😀

And there we have it!

Who would you chose for your book family?


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I’d Want as Family

  1. Great choices, i am ashamed to say i forgot Hagrid completely , I am reading The Drawing of Threes right now , so i am looking forward to know why you picked Eddie. Great choices

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 Oh, there are so many characters I forgot, too, it’s easy to start hitting yourself when you read other people’s lists haha. Hope your enjoying the drawing of the three and end up liking Eddie 🙂 He gets better and better as the series goes on!

      Liked by 1 person

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