Harry Potter Moment of the Week


This is a wonderful weekly event created by Uncorked Thoughts and  hosted by  Lunar Rainbows. Join in!

This week’s question: Would you rather be friends with Hermione or Ginny?

Nothing against Ginny whatsoever, but my immediate thought is that I’d prefer to be friends with Hermione. I like her a lot, so why wouldn’t I want to be her friend! She’s amazing.
I think we’re just into more of the same things, such as books and being studious. I think we’re both kind of bossy, too, though I’m only bossy cause, as the oldest child, I’ve had to boss my siblings around (haha). So I don’t think her bossy tendencies would annoy me too much…or her other flaws, really. As long as she didn’t want to compete with me too much about who was smarter (she’d always win, but that kind of competition thing I find pretty annoying).
Overall, Hermione and I would have a lot of fun together and probably spend ages talking about books 😀 Which would be pretty brilliant if I do say so myself.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. Hermione’s brilliance is awe-inspiring and I doubt her bossiness would bother me either. If anything she’d help me focus when I need to which would be a good thing. Plus being friends with Hermione means UNLIMITED book recs 😀

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