Hype Or Like Friday: Harry Potter Month


Hype or Like Friday  is a weekly event hosted on Goodreads here.  Each month the three mods Jillian, Larkin and Britt, choose a hyped up book of the month to focus on and we’re free to participate in answering awesome weekly discussion topics and writing our own review on the chosen book. This month they’ve chosen Harry Potter due to the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:).

Topic This Week (and it’s a great one!):

10 Things I Like About Harry Potter: Name 10 things you like about any of the books in the series. You’re not limited to a particular book. You can choose whatever you want from any book. It’s completely up to you. This category is wide open, but here’s a few ideas: favourite characters, spells, magical items, plot twists, villains, etc. You can do whatever you want with this.

These ten things I like about Harry Potter are in no particular order and in  a range of different categories, which were incredibly hard to chose as I’ve got about 1000000 things I like about HP 😛 But eventually, these ten things are what I came up with!


1. Hogwarts 


If Hogwarts isn’t on everyone’s list, I’ll be very surprised! Especially when all us Harry Potter fans have ever really wanted is a letter from Hogwarts :). Hogwarts is a dream. It’s where most of Harry’s story takes place, it’s full of magical secrets and wonder and I just think it’s one of the most amazing places in literary history.

2. Dumbledore’s Wise Sayings 


I love all the wise quotes J.K Rowling writes through our Albus Dumbledore. They’re perfect. I have so many favourites, a few of which I have selected as above :).

3. Ron Weasley 



I love so many of the HP characters so much and it would be more than easy to put all of them on this list. But, as I’m trying to be a bit more broad by including a range of different choices, there’s only really one character I could possibly chose. Ron Weasley has always been my favourite character and he always will be. I think he’s just so brilliant and hilarious and flawed and underrated and real and brave and loyal. I’ve always thought he’s the most realistic character in HP and I stand by that. He’s the heart of HP, in my opinion.



4. “Always”


Well, we all know how incredibly amazing Snape’s whole storyline in HP is, and a large part of that revolves around this scene and his infamous ‘Always’ quote. How can you not love that? Gives me the feels every time, and when I say feels I mean feels of the crying, weeping, heart-breaking variety.

5. Magical Creatures 

There are so many awesome magical creatures in the HP universe. Character creatures like Hedwig, Buckbeack, Dobby, not to mention all the many other magical creatures in Harry Potter, are just too good not to have on my list! Oh, I can’t wait for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them!

6. Ron and Hermione 

One of my favourite things about any book I read is always the romance and I love any chance to massively fangirl over a couple I ship, and the one I ship out of all the others in any other book is easily Ron&Hermione. I love them together so much. I love the slow burn of their relationship, I love their banter and how jealous they get, all that angst. I love how close they are, how they’re also best friends. They have always been a kind of role-model for a happy couple for me and I just think they are so perfect together.


7. Magic


I know this one kind of relates to some of the other things I’ve already said, but still. Magici is a central theme in the books and it felt silly not to put it on the list, really. All the different spells and potions and magical objects in Harry Potter are so integral to the story. Where would we ever be without Accio, Felix Felicis, Wingardium Leviosa, The Mauraders Map, not to mention Dark Magic?

8. The Horcruxes 


I’ve always loved the whole Horcruxes twist in the plot and such an integral one. I think it’s so clever and dark and just something no one but Rowling would have thought of. I love it so much. Just brilliant and so damn evil.


9.  Quidditch 


I am perhaps the least sporty person on the planet, but I do happen to love Quidditch. How could I not? It’s awesome and played in the air! Duh. I always loved reading the Quidditch games in the books :).

10. The Golden Trio 


Harry, Ron and Hermione’s friendship is easily one of the best things about the books and the films. Without those three together there just wouldn’t even be a story to contend with. I love how strong they are together, how they support each other and call each other family (even before they more technically became family). I just think they’re one of the best friendships I’ve seen in any book out there and love them so much.


Well, that’s it! I’m going to miss Harry Potter Month!

What are your favourite things about Harry Potter?


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