Harry Potter Moment of the Week


This is a wonderful weekly event created by Uncorked Thoughts and  hosted by  Lunar Rainbows. Join in!

Topic this week: What shop would be your first stop on your first third year trip to Hogsmeade?



First thought: Butterbeer…mmmmmm….

Second thought: All the delicious magical sweets at Honeydukes…..

Third thought: books books books where can I buy some books?


So, based on those initial thoughts this is pretty much what I would do on my first trip to Hogsmeade. Considering that all I really care about is sweet things and books when it comes to this magical little town.


 1). The Three Broomsticks for a big glass of Butterbeer and a eat a plate of whatever magical/British food Madame Rosmerta has on the menu.


2). Honeydukes for buying myself a load of sweets that I’ll eat all up and then feel sick from afterwards! I’d buy Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans, Liquorice Wands, Sugar Quills, Chocolate Frogs and any other chocolatey treat. Just to name a few 🙂



3). Tomes & Scrolls Bookshop because if there’s a bookshop, I’m going in :).



So, there’s me. Where would you go if you were ever lucky enough to go to Hogsmeade?


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. I went with Tomes and Scrolls too! BOOKS ♥ I’d spend soooo much money there 😀 The Three Broomsticks would be a must as well, it feels like the cornerstone of Hogsmeade to me almost LOL! GREAT answers^^ xx

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