Hype or Like Friday: Harry Potter Month


I only just found out about Hype or Like Friday and Harry Potter month thanks to Lynn over @ Lynnsbooks. Hype or Like Friday is a weekly event hosted on Goodreads here.  Each month the three mods Jillian, Larkin and Britt chose a hyped up book of the month to focus on and we’re free to participate in answering awesome weekly discussion topics and writing our own review on the chosen book. This month they’ve chosen Harry Potter due to the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child :).

The first wonderful topic for this months book is:

If you could choose 3 magical items from any Harry Potter book, which would you choose and why? Explain what you would do with them and how you would use them to your advantage.

Such a great topic. I had a little discussion last night with my boyfriend about what would be the best three magical objects to choose and why, and we eventually came up with a little list together. There were so many options!! Before I get on with what three objects I’ve chosen, I think first it’s important to assume that in choosing these three objects, we are magical, meaning that we can actually use these objects. For example, I wouldn’t chose a wand unless I was actually a witch who could use magic. So, for all the purposes of this topic, I think we have to assume that we already have magic/wands, or that the objects are already pre-programmed to be magical for whatever use it is they have. Besides, as my boyfriend pointed out, it’s kind of cheating to chose a magic wand cause, assuming we could use it, then we could essentially almost do the things that the magical objects could do. And that would kind of being a waste of a choice. That’s basically the only reason why I didn’t choose a wand if that makes any sense haha.

Anyway, I blab. Here are the three magical objects I chose:


A Portkey 

I chose a Portkey because I’d love to have some kind of teleportation device that could easily allow me to travel between England (where my boyfriend is) and Australia (where my family is) whenever I wanted to, and also bring my loved ones back and forth with me.  I wouldn’t want a Portkey that was an old boot or something like that, I’d want my Portkey to be something a bit smaller like a necklace. Kind of like a cross between a Portkey and a Time Turner except I wouldn’t be traveling through time, and would only wear the necklace when I was traveling and other wise store it away. I think that would be pretty amazing. Being able to see both my boyfriend and my family in the same day would make me so happy!

The Philosopher’s Stone 

Okay, so I know for some this might seem like a bit of a strange choice, because the Philosopher’s Stone can be a dangerous object and make people go insane with greed and power if in the wrong hands. I would use the Philsopher’s Stone for both selfish and generous means, as a way to have a modest amount of money for myself and my loved ones. For example, it would allow my boyfriend and I to travel the world and I could buy my Mum a house with it. I would also use the gold I made with the Stone to help people in need, such as the homeless and people living in poverty. I could spend my life without stress that financial strains bring and also make many other peoples lives so much better.

Hermione’s never-ending beaded handbag

I think Hermione’s bag would be such an awesome magical object to have. I could have bought so much more of my things from Australia here to England with me, for example, including all of my books! I could very easily carry things back and forth in my Portkey travels (haha) and store things away in there. I could travel the world with whatever I wanted and not have to worry about size and weight of baggage. It would definitely be an incredibly handy magical object to have!!

What three magical objects would you choose? 



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