TBR: August


There are far too many books I’d like to read. And, unfortunately, it’s more of a struggle to get ahold of them in libraries here in the UK than it is back is Australia. I think I may have to start reading books on my boyfriend’s kindle or else I won’t be reading anything for awhile (assuming I can get books cheaper on kindle anyhow). In the meantime, I still have a good selection of hard copies on hand, and these are the books I plan to read in August, and perhaps into September. Will see how I go! :).


The Dark Tower by Stephen King


I’m currently reading this :). And I am trying to savour it as much as possible because it’s the last one, and as long as the series is, I don’t really want it to end. I’ve enjoyed the journey of reading this series far too much!  If you don’t know anything about The Dark Tower series, don’t go looking for details, just go and get yourself a copy of the whole series, starting with The Gunslinger, and you won’t be disappointed :).


The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater


I’m very, very excited to read the last of The Raven Cycle series. It’s a story I’ve really enjoyed throughout, and I love the characters. Very much looking froward to seeing how Gansey’s search for the Raven King pans out and what happens to Blue.


The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon


My boyfriend and I are going to read this together, like we did with The Shadow of the Wind (although that was a second read through for me) for our little book club thing we do :). This is the story following The Shadow of the Wind and I am very, very excited to start reading it and see what happens to Daniel this time around.


All The Birds in the Sky  by Charlie Jane Anders


This book sounds super interesting and I’m very keen to see what it’s like. I don’t usually like to know much about a book before I read it, so all I really know about this one is that it’s about two friends, magic, mystery and the a world that’s falling apart. Sounds pretty great to me. Also, how pretty is the front cover!? 🙂


The Dice Man by George Cockcroft


My boyfriend has recommended me this book and I actually don’t really know anything about it other than his saying that it’s a phenomenal book. I trust his judgement on such things and it’ll be interesting what I think of it once I read it :).


The Stand by Stephen King


My boyfriend has also instructed me to read this one, as it connects to The Dark Tower in some insanely awesome way, I don’t really know how. But, he’s insisted I read it, and I’m looking forward to reading some more Stephen King :).


What books are you hoping to read this month?


8 thoughts on “TBR: August

      1. Red Rising, The Mortal Instruments, Shades of Magic, and Thursday Next (actually the 3rd book in that series) 😁😁 they are all really great so it’s just a matter of getting to them on top of all my other TBRs 🤓

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      2. Awesome!! Well I’ve read all of the Mortal Instruments and they are really good 😊 The prequel and sequel series are super good as well, so you should add them to your tbr heh. I’ve only read the first Thursday Next, would love to read the rest eventually!! Have fun reading 😁

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