Book Traveling Thursday: Lazy Days


Book Traveling Thursday is an awesome weekly event held by Danielle and Catia over on Goodreads. This is my first ever Book Traveling Thursday post and I’m very excited to join 🙂 I love how we get to share different covers of our chosen book! So cool!

The theme this week: Everyone needs at least on lazy day! Choose a book you would want to read in a lazy day at home or the beach. 

While my answer to what would be my choice of book to read on a lazy day came easily, I couldn’t help second guess it, or triple guess it, whichever, as there are so, so, so many books that come to mind that I love to read on lazy days. Books like Harry Potter (obviously), I’ll Give You The Sun, Anna and the French Kiss and The Shadow of the Wind are only a few of these books. But, still, I can’t pass up on the first book that I thought of. This book is really special to me, I’ve posted about it a few times on this very blog, and plan to continue blogging about it whenever I get the opportunity.

The book I would love to read on a lazy day, perhaps sitting on a picnic blanket in the english countryside is…

Watership Down (1972) by Richard Adams


Original Cover:



Cover from Australia (my country):




Least favourite cover:



Favourite Cover: 


This is the most wonderful book of all time, and every time I read it, I love it more and more. Quite awhile ago I wrote a mammoth review on Watership Down, so if you want to know more about my thoughts on this book and further reasons other than IT’S INCREDIBLE on why I chose it this week, read on here :).

That’s it from me this week. What would you read on a lazy day?



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