Jasmine’s playlists no.10: for my heart


It’s been quite awhile since I wrote up a playlist, so this one is a selection of 10 songs that I’ve discovered in the last year. These songs make me happy, they make my heart feel, they remind me of people I love and they are just wonderful little songs that I adore. I chose some of my favourite lyrics from the songs to go with the playlist too 🙂

Seeing Stars by BORNS

Some dreams never do come true
Some love doesn’t hit the target
I’ve been wishing about you
Darling I’ve been wishing my hardes


Painting Roses by Dresses

My heart lies in your bones 

You need a heart to move

And my heart, it belongs to you


Sunrise by Winterbourne

Rain keeps falling

I keep forgetting I need a sunrise

I look at the sky, the beautiful sky Everything will be fine


The River by Sam Garrett

sit down by the river and you will find, now

’cause you’re no bigger,

than what you’re inside

sit down by the river and you will find, now

cause you’re no bigger than the birds that fly


Young Souls by Broken Back

We’re walking through the lands,
Pure souls and dreams ahead
Tell the world here we are

Romantic adventurers we seek to discover
What the world has to hide

A thousand miles away
We’ve traveled to, so far to play,
We’ve put our fears aside
A thousand miles from home 


Oh Love by Prateek Kuhad 

Oh it’s time
To make up your mind
Don’t waste your time
Oh love be mine


Bonnie and Clyde by WILD

Fly across the world

Start a family

Move into a house

Live out all your dreams


Feel the love surrounded around you

Fuel the fire raging inside

Live your life

Don’t let it pass you by


Wolves by Down Like Silver

Oh, the world is dark
And I’ve looked as far as I can see
When the years have torn me apart

Let me be 

Daylight is waiting for you 


Australia by Conner Youngblood

There’s a fault between the bloodlines
Australia starts to shake
You can pick up where you left off
You wait


Gone (The Pocahontas Song) by Ziggy Alberts 

You put your hands in mine and

They fit perfectly together

Gone, gone as the daylight comes

 I’ll probably never see her again 

Gone, gone as the daylight comes

 I’m falling in love & I won’t pretend


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