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30/04/2015 – Character you would erase if you could 

This will be my last HP Moment of the Week post before I head off to Vietnam next Thursday! It’s a shame that I absolutely no idea how to answer the topic this week. I love all HP characters and then there are loads of characters we love to hate.

However, there’s one character I despise above all others:

Dolores Umbridge. 

But I’m not sure if I’d erase her because, even though she’s horrific, there is a purpose to her being in the story. Like Voldemort, she’s a kind of Hitler.

So, I thought a bit more and decided there was one character who I never liked, who was kind of unnecessary and pointless in the whole scope of things:

Pansy Parkinson. 

Sure, there were maybe a couple of “comical” moments with her and Draco or whatever, but still, I can’t think of any other character that I think could be erased from the books without really changing much of anything.


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