Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli: Book Review

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Okay, this book has been making the rounds everywhere and there’s been a lot of hype about it. In my humble opinion, Simon deserves all the praise. Becky Albertalli’s book is pure brilliance.

Basically all I did yesterday was read Simon while snuggled up in bed and it was pretty much the best way to spend a cold, rainy day. If you don’t know much about Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda then here is a little summary:

Things start to get more complicated for Simon when a dude in his class starts blackmailing him over these emails between Simon and Blue. Blue’s not his real name, Simon has no idea who he is and Blue doesn’t know who Simon is, either. But Simon is pretty sure he might be falling in love with Blue, and so it’s definitely a big deal when this Martin guy sees the emails and threatens to out-Simon if Simon doesn’t help hook him up with one of his best friends. Simon’s gay but he’s not out yet and he doesn’t want to screw everything up with Blue because his emails are pretty much the best thing that’s ever happened.

Maybe not the best summary ever, but the way it unfolds is extremely enthralling, squeal-worthy, dramatic, angsty, hilarious and adorable. Of course, I should add that this is a LGBT novel, obviously. Not that I think that it really has to be labelled as such, because people just fall in love with people.

Central to Simon is, of course, Simon and he is the best character. He’s very likeable, witty and if I had a friend like him, I’d be seriously happy. He loves Harry Potter (which is always a plus) and music like Elliott Smith and Oreos (yum). His family are a bit weird because they like watching reality tv shows like The Bachelorette (ew) and have this strange Facebook game, but I generally liked them, especially Simon’s sisters.

Simon has a great set of friends as well. Abby, Nick and Leah, in particular, around which there’s a complicated love-triangle. Simon is also in the school musical, so there’s a bit of drama around that, as well. Plus he has to deal with Martin…who did grow on me as a character, really, even if he was mostly quite annoying and self-centred. 

One of the biggest highlights of the novel is obviously Blue and Simon’s emails. They were wonderfully to read. The romance is freaking adorable and I didn’t care that I was pretty sure I’d figured out who Blue was pretty early because I just wanted to keep reading until the big reveal where Simon finally finds out for himself. Oh, the suspense! It was wonderful. “Blue” is wonderful. So tempted to say more, but I know that will spoil the book for others. Just know that Blue and Simon’s adorableness plastered the biggest smile on my face. I was positively giddy.

Another book to add to the re-read pile. And man, I’d read a sequel if there was TODAY. Simon has it all, really.


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