Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like To Check In With

top ten tuesday

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Ron Weasley (and friends)

Every HP fan wishes that HP could go on forever and ever. I’d love to check in with all the characters, but seeing as Ron is my favourite, I chose him to represent my desire to know the ins and outs of what happens to the characters in the HP universe after the books finish. I’m grateful for the info we have been given, but I can’t help wishing there was more. I’d really love to know more about Ron’s life and read something in his perspective. I know there’s fanfiction, but still…

2. Simon Lewis 

Lucky for me, Cassandra Clare is releasing Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy, companion novels that star Simon. After the events of the last Mortal Instruments novel, I definitely want to see what happens next to Simon.

3. Todd Hewitt 

 I loved Chaos Walking and I so wish that there was another book!! I want to see what happens to my Todd Hewitt (and his Viola) after that ending!!

4. Eleanor (and Park)

If you’ve read Eleanor & Park, you’ll know why I’d want to check in with both Eleanor and Park and see where they’re at.

5. Quentin Jacobson and friends.

Paper Towns is perfect as a stand alone and I do love the ending as it is, but I’m still curious to what Quentin might do after the mystery/miracle of his life that was Margo Roth Spiegleman. Of course, finding out what the others got up to would be fab, too.

6. Peeta Mellark

Okay, I’m not the biggest Hunger Games fan, but I do like Peeta. I know that in the last book we get a pretty good glimpse at his life, but I’ve always thought it rushed and too short. I don’t know. I’d like more detail. Hopefully the last film will at least give us that.

7. Ponyboy Curtis

The Outsiders is a wonderful novel and I love Ponyboy. I’d love to see if he stays gold.

8.Charlie Bucktin

Everyone should read Jasper Jones. Charlie is a wonderful lead character. I’d also like to know what happens to Jasper, Eliza and Jeffrey Lu. If there was a sequel (although I have no idea what it would be about) I’d definitely read it.

9. Johannah Morrigan/Dolly Wilde

How To Build A Girl is definitely a favourite of mine and if there was to be a sequel, I would consume it gleefully.

10. Noah and Jude

I loved I’ll Give You The Sun so much and even though the ending was practically perfect, I’d still love to see more of these amazing twins :).

Honorable mentions:

Charlie (The Perks of Being A Wallflower)

Ellie Linton (The Tomorrow Series/The Ellie Chronicles)

Lennie (The Sky Is Everywhere)

Seth (More Than This)

And pretty much all the characters from Stephanie Perkins’ Anna/Lola/Isla.  


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like To Check In With

  1. Agree with all of these! So many wonderful stories and characters to check in with! A little more of Peeta would be amazing in the films, I can’t wait to see how they finish the story off. And yes! So glad we’re getting the Shadowhunter tales, I felt quite bereft of Simon at the end of the books!

    My TTT

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  2. Harry Potter was on my list as well, I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting more books from that world. I’m happy J.K still writes short stories about them.

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