Harry Potter Moment of the Week


The awesome HP weekly meme hosted by Uncorked Thoughts.

02/04/2015 – What would your Boggart be?

Another great question and this time it’s one that’s easy for me answer.

The thing I am most scared of is definitely death. I know everyone’s scared of death in some way and that a lot of people say their worst fear is spiders or heights or something like that, but really the thing that scares everyone, the reasons why these things are fears, is because of death. Because death exists. People wouldn’t be scared of heights if there was no danger of dying or being injured, would they?

What scares me most is not necessarily myself dying, or the inevitability of death, but the fact that death can happen any time and you can lose people at any time. I’m always frightened, for example, that my mum or siblings or dad will be involved in some kind of accident. You know, maybe it’s just paranoia, stirred up from last year when I lost my cousin, but I can’t help it. I think it’s a natural fear to have and everyone does in some way.

To sum up, my boggart would be exactly like Mrs. Weasley’s. Or perhaps it would just be the Grim Reaper or some other symbol for death.


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