Top Five Wednesday: Favorite Jokester Characters


Top 5 Wednesday is a meme held here by Lainey on goodreads.

I’ve never been very into April Fools’ Day; I’ve never pranked or been pranked on. But I can’t ignore the fact that this is the perfect topic for this weeks Top 5 Wednesday. My favourite characters are usually the jokers or the comic clowns or the underdogs that always bring light to the book. It so happens that if that character also happens to be male, I pretty much fall in love with him. Anyhow, without further ado, here are my favourite comedic geniuses from books (in no particular order).

1. Fred and George Weasley


If there was ever a definition of what a jokester character is, Fred and George would be that definition. They’re the funniest and most perfect duo of jokers. The things they come up with and the jokes they make has always made me laugh so hard. I love them so and you can never beat their amazing firework prank on toadie!

2. Simon Lewis


There’s no doubt in my mind that Simon is my favourite Mortal Instruments character and one of the reasons why is because he’s so hilarious. I love his sarcastic remarks the most. I’m mostly talking about the book Simon because as much as I like Robert Sheehan, the movie kinda sucked. Just sayin’.

3. Ellie Linton 


I’ve said it before (probably) and I’ll say it again: Ellie Linton is the bomb. The Tomorrow Series doesn’t exactly warrant for many jokes or funny moments, but throughout the series I remember Ellie still managed to make jokes or to be smart-funny all the time. Maybe it’s more that John Marsden is a comic genius because obviously it’s not just Ellie that makes things funny but also the characters around her. Whatever the case, Ellie is a brilliant character who just happens to be funny when the time is right for jokes.

4. Margo Roth Spiegleman 


This is half because I couldn’t have a top 5 without another female character and half because Margo is pretty much the queen of pranks as we see in Paper Towns. Pretty brilliant and hilarious 🙂 Even if it’s all taking place before some pretty heavy/sad stuff. Can’t wait for the movie!

5. Ron Weasley 


Ron is funny in a different way to his twin brothers, but still just as funny. Ron’s funny without trying. He’s just naturally comedic, rude and sarcastic. He’s bloody brilliant. And of course, he’s who I was specifically talking about at the start of this post. I’m in love with Ron for more reasons than that he’s funny, but that’s definitely a contributor 🙂

Well, there you have it. What are your favourite funny characters?

(images are not mine).


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