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26/03/2015 – What would your Patronus be?

Once again a great question! Every Harry Potter fan has thought about what their patronus would be, that’s just a given. I’m also thinking there are probably also people like me who can’t make up their minds about what their patronus would be.  I’ve got a few ideas, based on Harry Potter quizzes, what my family have said, and how I feel myself. Here they are:

1) I enjoy quizzes if they’re done well and I’ve done a fair few What’s Your Patronus? quizzes in my time. I’m pretty sure I didn’t always get the same results, but most of the time I got the result of Rabbit/Hare, like Luna’s. Which is awesome because I love rabbits. They’re so cute!


2) My family and I once had a discussion about what animals we look like. They couldn’t decide if I looked like a bear or an otter. Maybe a mixture of both? So it could be either of those.

4350700603_a66e190cf3 cuddles

3) But, in my heart and despite those awesome options, I know what my patronus would really be. I wear an owl necklace every day and I desperately want an owl tattoo on my wrist to add to my ongoing obsession with getting more tattoos. I love owls, they’re so beautiful and wise and proud. They’re strong birds. They’re the kind of animal I’d like to be if I was an animal. Also, Hedwig is just the bestest. So, therefore, I strongly believe that my patronus would be the owl.

barn_owl_by_shineaddict-d4xb8bf il_fullxfull.664973955_o1yv

There you have it! What would your patronus be?


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