Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Heroines/Female Characters

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

For this weeks Top Ten: Favourite Heroines in Books I decided to include tv/film characters into the mix and also supporting characters. This meant that my list became a top 15 because I just couldn’t tie   it down to just 10. It was impossible. I mean, there are still so many other awesome female characters I couldn’t quite fit on. Mainly because I started listening the whole cast of characters from certain books or tv shows (Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Skins, a number of YA contemporaries etc, etc.) Also, these are not in any particular order, as I am far too indecisive to even try doing that. Anyway, that’s all you need to know. On with the list!

1. Ellie Linton (The Tomorrow Series)

MCDTOWH EC0256a00e0097e4e6888330133f403ad8e970b

The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden is one of my favourite series of all time and Ellie Linton is incredible. I liked Caitlin Stacey’s portrayal of Ellie in the film a lot, but it’s nothing on what Ellie goes through in the 7 books and how she develops. She is brave and a true leader and often stronger than everyone else around her. I love her so!

2. Rae Earl (My Mad Fat Diary)

tumblr_mjh0uwjI0u1s693qfo1_500 tumblr_inline_mpqbodpP9F1qz4rgp

Oh gosh. I can’t even explain how much I love Rae. My Mad Fat Diary got me through a tough time in my life and I owe everything to Sharon Rooney (and Nico Mirallegro’s Finn). Rae is wonderful. So funny, so vulnerable. I LOVE HER. Wish she was my best friend. Seriously. So excited for season three!

3. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)

janeeyre-thumb-323x500-9866 9788499085968

Jane Eyre is easily my favourite Classic novel and that’s mostly due to my liking of Jane Eyre. I can’t really explain it, but I’ve always felt like I could relate to Jane. We’re similar character types. Both a bit reserved, shy, stoic, stronger than one would think. Also, I just had to include at least one character from the classics 🙂

4. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)


Sometimes I wish Luna had appeared earlier in Harry Potter. She was an immediate favourite of mine in the Order of the Phoenix. She cracks me up. Completely brilliant in both films and books. I love how she belongs with herself, is comfortable in her skin. That’s always a good thing.

5. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

5577891100_4b3996d9e0_b certified_badass__willow_rosenberg_by_elfabella-d521jun

Willow, Willow. She’s so cute and hilarious in the first couple of seasons. And then she gradually becomes an extremely powerful witch and it’s amazing. Sure, she annoyed the hell out of me in the beginning of season 6 of Buffy, but I still love her.

6. Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns)

tumblr_mdkbgxOEof1qijl1oo1_500 dfb8ac6ea50225cc24abd42535525abd

Yeah, I admit Margo is kind of annoying and that whole pixie dream girl thing is a little bit cliche. But I think there’s a lot more to Margo and I can really see where she’s coming from. I think she’s a really interesting character and in many ways I can relate to her. Not to the same extent, but I can.

7. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Hermione-Granger-pottermore-32245231-317-400 keep-calm-and-love-hermione-granger-12

There’s no doubt that Hermione is one of the best female characters of all time. I’ve always felt like I could relate to Hermione more than I can any other character. For one, she likes to read about as much as I do (possibly more). She’s a strong character and I really admire her. I’m probably one of the minority that didn’t love Hermione in the films (I liked Emma Watson, but sometimes I found the representation didn’t fit as well with the book-Hermione). I can’t really explain why, but I kind of think movie-Hermione was made a little too perfect. Anyway. Whatever the case, Hermione is wonderful.

8. Johanna Morrigan/Dolly Wilde (How To Build A Girl)


A lesser known character by many, but definitely deserves a spot on my list. How To Build A Girl is an hilarious novel and I loved Johanna (and her invented self Dolly Wilde) heaps. She’s vulnerable and doesn’t feel like she belongs, but eventually finds a way to be herself in the world.

9. Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

btvs-tvd-stills-promos-buffy-and-damon-duffy-bamon-32910320-1814-2400 certified_badass__buffy_summers_by_elfabella-d51ua0f

Oh, Buffy. Need I say anything? Buffy is the epitome of strong female character. She’s witty and spontaneous and has so many vulnerabilities and anxieties and emotional things she has to face and go through. She’s complicated. She’s an amazing character and I could go on! Buffy ❤

10. Emily Fitch (Skins)

300x300 large

Okay, it was a difficult choice between all the female characters in skins. I went with Emily because she’s the first character that comes to mind (close ties with Cassie and Naomi and series 6 Mini). I’ve just always liked her. She’s so adorable, but she’s also a tough little cookie.

11. Eleanor (Eleanor & Park)


I love this book so much. Eleanor is a fantastic character. So complicated. Gosh. I’m getting a bit repetitive. It seems I like a lot of characters for similar reasons: that they overcome their insecurities and problems and try their best in the life they are given. I’d love for there to be a sequel to this novel, because I’d really like to see more of Eleanor and of course Park. She’s kind of smiler to Rae and Johanna I realise, but oh well. She’s still epic 🙂

12. Jude (I’ll Give You The Sun) 

11249766 Ill-give-you-the-sun-quote

I feel bad, but I didn’t like Jude straight away when I read I’ll Give You The Sun. I found her kind of annoying and selfish. But as the novel went on and I saw more of Jude, I grew to like her and sympathise with her a lot. She’s a great character. I say that of everyone, I know. Unfortunately my fingers are super cold from typing – why is it so damn cold it’s still summer! – so I won’t get into all the reasons why I love her. Just know I do.

13. Lennie Walker (The Sky Is Everywhere) 

sky_tip_in_chap_5_2-1 sky31

More Jandy Nelson love. One of my favourite novels and one of my favourite characters. I love Lennie  (duh). Again, she’s complicated and has to face so much. I love her poetry so.

14. Michonne (The Walking Dead) 


Michonne is EPIC. That is all.

15. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) 


Duh. I mean, really. She needs to be on the list at some point. I like Katniss a lot. She’s great in the books and she’s great in the films. Jennifer Lawrence is pretty brilliant. If it weren’t for Katniss (and Peeta) I probably would have thought the Hunger Games was a bit of a rip-off. You know, the actual games and the world. It’s all a bit familiar… Anyway. Katniss is pretty rad.

Phew. That took forever. My fingers are so cold. And I was planning on writing today, too, now that I’ve finally got a quiet house to myself. Why cold, why??

Anyhow. Who are your favourite female characters?

(none of the pics are mine).


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