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19/02/2015 – Favourite Trelawney prophecy?

Oh, Professor Trelawney. She has to be one of my favourite professors at Hogwarts. The number of times she’s made me laugh (and the number of times Ron and Harry have in Divination) are too many to count. It was hard to think of what my favourite Trelawney prophecy is. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the books (I know, I’m so ashamed) that I can’t precisely remember all of them or can’t remember the exact wording of this particular one I found so funny… So, I had to look it up! (my apologies).

There were so many moments during third year Divination that it was hard to chose which one is my favourite. The scene during Christmas where Trelawney warns the table 13 is an unlucky number and the first to leave will be the first to die nearly took the top spot (mostly because McGonagall’s response was so hilarious). Anyhow I chose this one:

‘By the way, my dear,’ [Trelawney] shot suddenly at Pavarti Patil,’ beware a red-haired man.’

Pavarti gave a startled look at Ron, who was right behind her, and edged her chair away from him.

It’s my understanding that Trelawney isn’t a fraud at all and that most of her prophecies actually do come true. This prophecy is actually for Pavarti’s sister Padma, who spends a rather dull and disappointing evening with Ron at the Yule Ball. Brilliant :).

What’s your favourite prophecy?


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