Landline by Rainbow Rowell: Book Review

landlinerainbowrowell Landline-Rainbow-Rowell 18081809

Finally, I have read this gem of a book. I wasn’t so sure I was going to like it as much as I liked Eleanor & Park and Attachments and Fangirl, but well Rainbow Rowell is pretty much a genius of love stories and pure wit and awesomeness.

I guess I wasn’t particularly impressed with the start of the book. I mean, the writing was fine, but I guess I just found it started a little…bland. Though that just might have been because when I started it I kept getting distracted by family members. Whatever the case, it quickly got much much better, especially when Georgie starts talking to Neal through her old yellow landline phone in her old bedroom. It was truly brilliant.

Gradually learning more about Georgie and Neal’s relationship from the beginning to how their marriage had gone wrong was wonderful. Several times I had that swooping, aching feel you can get when reading a great love story. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. It’s a really warm feeling and for me I get this tingling in my wrists. Which might sound weird, but that’s what happens. Happened many times in Landline and pretty much all the way through Anna and The French Kiss. Anyway. The point is, that this book has it down pat when it comes to emotional and physical love. There was a lot of angst and tension, too. Which is always good!

This book made me laugh a lot. This book kept me reading, page after page as I got dangerously close to reading too fast and missing things (a bad habit of mine). This book made me feel a lot of things. This book kept me entertained in the best way. This book is one that I wish I’d read during Christmas time as it’s set during Christmas and the perfect holiday story.

This is just a short review because I don’t want to give anything else away and I don’t want to hype the book up too much in case you don’t feel the same about it when/if you read it. But you will. You will!


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