Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan: Book Review

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I wasn’t sure I was going to like Sarah Crossan’s Apple and Rain at first. The first couple of chapters seemed a bit too childish to me. The novel is about a thirteen year-old girl called Apple (that’s her nickname, not her full name which is greek and long and I can’t spell it) so it’s a YA aimed at younger audiences, so I suppose my initial impression is warranted. However, I decided to keep reading and I’m so glad I did as there’s definitely much more to this novel than it first seems. 

Apple and Rain is a gorgeous little novel about (among other things) family, love and poetry. I found it incredibly moving and adorable. Apple is a great character and her “journey” throughout the book was fantastic to read. I can’t say much about the other characters because it kind of gives things away, but a particular boy next door and a particular girl with red curly hair were definitely my favourite characters besides Apple herself. I also loved Nana. There are two characters I didn’t like much, which you’d probably guess if you read it, for lots of reasons. But that’s still a good thing – I like that Crossan didn’t try to make her characters all perfect or didn’t force the flaws too much. The characterisations and the story fit well together without seeming false.

There’s quite a lot in this book that made me uncomfortable and sad (mainly about bad parenting) but the way that the novel progresses makes it all better in the end. I loved how Crossan incorporated poetry into the novel. It made me feel like getting back into my poetry again!

In all, I found this an engrossing and delightful read. It made me sad at times but ended up making me quite happy by the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I advise you to read it if you can get hold of a copy. Plus, being short, it’s the perfect kind of book to read in bed when you have no other pressing errands to attend to or if you’re sick or sad. As the blurb suggests, it really is a book that fixes a broken heart, no matter how severely un/broken it is.


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