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05/02/2015 – Worst Harry Potter death. 

Oh man, the deaths… Another difficult choice. Should I chose Dumbledore? Dobby? Hedwig? Remus and Tonks? Sirius??? All the deaths are terrible!

But Fred Weasley’s death came to mind first, so I’ll have to trust my instincts and say that for me, Fred dying was the worst death in Harry Potter, and pretty much the worst thing that happened in the last book and maybe the whole series, really.

I can’t even speak about it. So sad. The thought of George without his twin and the Weasley’s without their brother and son is so, so sad. If there was one family I’d have wanted to not lose anything in Voldemort’s second rising, it would definitely be The Weasleys.

Fred, you’re forever missed!

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13 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. Fred’s death is one that I cannot even begin to process. I think I just sort of block it out because I can’t deal with the fact that George is all alone now and without his best friend in the world. And the Weasley family was truly the best of the best and like you I just wish they could have gotten out with everyone intact…it’s just too sad 😦

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  2. This is the worst for me too!! I can’t even consider how George must feel without his other half, it just… uh, I can’t even. There was nothing more pointless than his death, and for me that is what made it the worst. This is the only death that made me truly angry with J.K. Rowling. Here’s my HP MOTW

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    1. I know! It seemed so pointless to me, too. I mean, a lot of the deaths seemed a bit like that too, but not as much as Fred. damn you Rowling! Thanks for commenting, I check out yours 🙂


  3. There’s this post going around this internet that says something like every mirror is the Mirror of Erised to George and that makes me cry all the time. It’s devastating; I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to lose a sibling let alone a twin, it’s got to feel like losing a limb, like a ghost is following you everywhere you go. Something that can’t be shaken. It’s just so sad.

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  4. Oh Fred. I remember finishing that chapter and being like “oh, no you must have read wrong. THAT definitely did NOT just happen.Go read it back again.” Completely in denial, the idea of George without his twin is horrible. 😦


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