Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Book Review


Books can get hyped up a lot, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. This is the case with me and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. It just wasn’t for me.

Before I get into the reasons (vague so as not to give away anything) why I didn’t love this book, I will start with a few reasons why I liked it. The book started well as it moved from Nick’s chapters to Amy’s diary entries. Flynn is very good at sarcasm and I laughed a fair bit in the first few chapters. Nick’s character is interesting throughout the novel, flaws and all. Amy’s character was interesting, too… but in a much different way. (I hated her).  I don’t read mystery thrillers often, but I enjoyed reading this book just for the fun of reading something I wouldn’t usually (even if it wasn’t what I’d hoped it’d be). The fact that it’s had such hype recently helped me chose it, and I can say that it’s worth reading as a sinister portrayal of human relationships, mental state and relationships. Interesting, interesting, blah blah blah.

I can’t really say much about why I didn’t like it because it would obviously spoil the reading experience for others. I will say that I didn’t find the novel quite as surprising, “ingenious” and original as the critics have proclaimed. To be honest, as soon as I read a review that said ‘nothing is as it seems’ (or something along those lines) I guessed what must be the twist, and well, I was pretty spot on. So, you know,  kind of sucks to not be that surprised/shocked when reading this genre. A bummer, really. Also, I hated the ending. I really…I just…oh man. If I could be spoilery right now, I’d definitely have a big rant.

I watched the film as well and the book is better, definitely. The film was horrible, a mess, in my opinion. Particularly the actress who played Amy. I didn’t like Amy to start with, but that actresses portrayal made me dislike her even more. But, moving on..

To sum up, not my kind of book. But read it if you’re interested in reading a depressing and morbid depiction of murder and marriage. There are some good points, but to me they don’t outweigh the bad.


3 thoughts on “Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Book Review

  1. Great review. I haven’t read it but I’ve seen the movie and I found the ending frustrating. The one book from this author is Sharp Objects -I have made a review about it if you’d like to see it- and I mention practically the same things. I guess the author uses the same pattern in all of her books.

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