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11/12/2014 – Favourite dragon species?

My first thought was Norwegian Ridgeback and then Hungarian Horntail (because well, she’s (I assume) is the villain dragon and we’ve gotta love that) but then I remembered about the Antipodean Opaleye (um I could only remember the Opaleye part and had to look up the rest of its name). From what I remember reading Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them the Opaleye is a beautiful, pearly white dragon whose native land is New Zealand, but occasionally migrates to Australia (where I live if you didn’t know). So I think that’s pretty cool! Maybe a little bias geographically, but whatever. They’re beautiful creatures and it would have been nice for them to be in Harry Potter. (I believe the dragon in Gringotts in Deathly Hallows Part 2 looks kind of like an Opaleye, but isn’t. It’s some other dragon I can’t remember the name of…I shall look it up…ah… it’s the Ukrainian Ironbelly.)

Anyway. Here are some pictures of the Opaleye, although I couldn’t really find a picture that looks exactly like how I imagine it but these come very close (though one pic, the first, looks like an Hungarian Horntail painted white):

Antipodean Opaleye2i images


(pictures drawn by various artists on Deviantart.)

What’s your favourite dragon species? A great question for Hagrid! Bet he’d spend ages deciding, and then probably choose Norbert(a).


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