Harry Potter Moment of the Week


A weekly meme hosted by Uncorked Thoughts.

04/12/2014 – Favourite magical pet?

Well, I can’t say Dobby because HE IS A FREE ELF AND DEFINITELY NOT A PET.

Here’s my top 6 because I’m really bad and can’t decide on just ONE:

1) Hedwig. She’s basically Harry in pet form. Stubborn, loyal and (in the case of Order-of-the-Phoenix-Harry) she has a bit of a temper. Plus, she’s pretty and I simply love owls.


2) Pig.  Because he’s a super cute and annoying and funny and because Ron loves him despite himself.


3) Norbert. Because I love Hagrid and he’s a baby dragon, come on!


4) Buckbeak. Obviously.


5) Crookshanks. Because even squashed-face cats need to be loved.


And okay..

6) Scabbers. Because I did like him once before I knew he was really Petter Pettigrew.


What is your favourite of all the magical pets? 🙂


13 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. i picked Buckbeak as well because I absolutely love him! I wish I had a horse/eagle hybrid that would fly me across lakes!! Hedwig was a pretty big contender for his spot though, because she is gorgeous and loyal and if she had been mine she wouldn’t have died…
    Thanks for sharing 😀
    Juli @ Universe in Words

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  2. These are too funny! I didn’t even think about Buckbeak…I guess I didn’t really consider him a pet though he’s tame and Hagrid and Sirius both take care of him. Scabbers I never really had a liking for, but it could be because I just don’t like rats at all. I adore Hedwig and Norbert was just adorable!

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    1. Haha thanks :). That’s true, in some ways buckbeak isn’t really a pet, but I had to put him down. I guess with Scabbers I really enjoyed the storyline around him, like with Ron and Hermione and Crookshanks. And I always thought Ron’s way with him was hilarious. Norbert and Hedwig! Awesome 🙂


    1. :). I know, I think with Scabbers I just enjoyed the Ron and Hermione fall out in the third book. Haha yeah a Pygmy Puff would be awesome to have as a pet. I actually completely forgot about Arnold 🙂


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