I should be writing

As an aspiring writer I’m really doing a crap job.

I’ve only written 2,000 words of my novel in the last two months and that, my friends, is appalling.

Sure, I’ve been through some emotional stuff lately, and I’m continuously tired because of work and I’ve been focusing on my reading a lot, which, of course, is great, but… I can’t help but feel ashamed to not have been writing lately!

Whether my writing slump is due to exhaustion or to lack of self-esteem after being rejected by Voiceworks for the third time (unlikely because I knew I wouldn’t get in anyway) or because my novel hits a little close to home or because I got a crappy mark on my final essay, I have no idea. There is also the annoying matter of spending too much time procrastinating on the Internet to the point that I get super uncomfortable on my desk chair and my wrists/hands/fingers start to hurt a lot. I really should stop doing that…

I should be getting RSI from writing my novel for hours on end. But alas, such injuries do not seem to be on the horizon any time soon.

I should be writing. I know it. You know it. So why can’t I just sit down and start writing? Even if it’s bad writing (which seems to be what I’m best at anyway).

I seriously get a headache every time I try, most days not writing anything and other days writing up to 500 words. Those are the better days.

I’ve even tried planning for what I’m going to write, but that didn’t help.

Maybe the problem is that I’m too in my own head and that’s making it difficult to get the creative stuff going. I don’t know.

What do you guys think? Any of you writers having trouble writing, too? What do you do get yourself out of the slump?

I apologise for this profusely carrying on in this negative manner. Just thought it’s probably time to address the fact that I’m meant to be a reader and a writer, and this blog is supposed to be about writing, too, when at the moment I’m just posting about books, books, books. Which I love, but one of these days…. I really want to publish a book of my own and I’m getting nowhere with that as of yet.

I keep wondering if I really have the drive to write. I definitely have the dream, but do I have the dedication and determination? If I don’t right now, I think I will. Perhaps I just need a little more time to sleep. I never get enough these days.

I know what’s going to be the top of my New Years Resolutions though.



10 thoughts on “I should be writing

  1. That was my New Years Resolution and still is… Well that and read a lot of books 😛 Just don’t give up on your dream! I’m an aspiring writer too.. And I’m not doing such a great job either haha but now and then when I get struck by a bolt of inspiration.. I write.

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