Harry Potter Moment of the Week


This awesome HP weekly meme is hosted by Uncorked Thoughts.

27/11/2014 – How do you feel about the HP film cast? Any that don’t fit with the image you had?

As much as I love the Harry Potter cast in all, they don’t exactly fit with the image in my head I have of some of the characters. This is not a bad thing! I think it’s always important, if you’re a fan of a book, that you’re able to keep in your head the world as you imagined it and not just see it like the film. Of course, there are times when this is difficult and there can be a crossover between characters. I mean, for example, I love Rupert Grint and couldn’t imagine a better actor to play Ron Weasley, but my own image of Ron Weasley is actually quite different. He’s certainly a lot more lanky and has a lot more freckles, which is an image you’d expect to have if you paid attention to Rowling’s character descriptions. While reading the last two books there were times, especially in the lead up to the final films being released, that I imagined Rupert and the other cast members, but also times when I’d be able to imagine the characters as I’d imagined them.

I guess what I’m saying is that I like the fact that the books and films aren’t completely identical. If they were, what would be the point of watching the films? Anyway, it’s all subjective.

I’ll just end this short post with some impressive fan art I found online (none of them mine!) that aren’t exactly how I imagine the characters, but are definitely awesome.


HP-Fan-Art---The-Trio-harry-potter-279346_600_433 potter-art-4

Weasley_is_our_King 343bedaacf564b24c52918718c4125fa Carry_Harry_by_sullen_skrewt large

(everyone see the last image in its epic entirety here).


9 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. (Ron and Harry in the deathly hallows) “Dumbledore gave me this because he knew I would leave…..No he knew you would always come back”, call me cheesy but I was disappointed when I didn’t find this dialogue in the movie!!

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      1. Oh that’s definitely one of my favourites! I also like ‘don’t dwell on dreams and forget to live’ (Dumbledore) and pretty much any good quote of Ron’s. Whose your favourite character? 🙂

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