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20/11/2014 – Free week – you choose!

My choice: Ron Weasley

I just have to dedicate my first Free Week to my favourite character of all time, in the HP universe and in the whole fiction world, RON WEASLEY!! It just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have at least one blog post that honours everything I love about Ronald. Where to start?

I’m not even sure where my love for Ron first began. I mean, I know I had a crush on Rupert Grint’s Ron (and on Rupert) as soon as I saw the first movie, and I know that before that I was most excited to see who was going to make my Ron come to life in the films. Ron was instantly my favourite character in the books, and I’m going to attempt to explain why.

I think what drew me to Ron was the fact that he is the underdog and I definitely have a soft spot for underdogs, as I’ve always felt like one myself. To me Ron has always been the realest character in Harry Potter because, in a lot of ways, he doesn’t have it easy. Don’t get me wrong here, I know that Harry and Hermione, and other characters, obviously have their problems and I’m not trying to downplay everything they go through just because they were better at school or got a lot of attention…This post isn’t going to become a Harry vs Ron vs Hermione debate. I love The Golden Trio, it just so happens that I’ve always loved Ron the most. Ron’s so real because he can be so hotheaded and jealous and stubborn – he has a lot of flaws but he always makes up for it and he always does the right thing eventually. He makes mistakes, everyone does.

Ron is probably the most underrated character in Harry Potter. He feels this about himself throughout the books, and it’s how a lot of people see him – including, I have noticed, some Harry Potter fans who see Ron as useless and worthless part of the Trio, which is just so wrong!– because he’s overshadowed by his family and his best friends.  He’s not as smart as Hermione, he’s not as brave as Harry, he’s not as funny as Fred and George, he’s not as good at Quidditch as Ginny. Whatever the case, Ron always feels he’s just not good enough. BUT HE IS. He’s all of these things. I might be the only one who actually thinks he’s the funniest Weasley, and in many ways smarter than Hermione (at least when it comes to the wizarding world), and often just as brave as Harry, and…well I could go on. Point is he’s definitely good enough, way more so than what he believes and what people think.

The whole point of an underdog is eventually for them to prove themselves and everyone wrong. The way that Ron is developed throughout the books in particular – the films almost get there, but Ron’s position as the comic relief is pushed a bit too hard in the films to the point that we lose quite a lot of Ron’s multi-character developments and characteristics as a lot of them are given to Hermione, but I won’t get into that – is put together so well and I’d love to re-read the Harry Potter series AGAIN just to witness it again. There are so many times in the books where Ron really proves himself, from sacrificing himself in chess, to standing up for his best friend on NUMEROUS occasions, to becoming Prefect, to fighting his fears and ‘destroying the locket, to becoming the King, to winning the heart of the girl he loves. Whatever it is, Ron bloody does it and he does it brilliantly. And if you try to tell me any different, I just won’t listen to a damn thing you say because you’re so wrong :).

He’s an integral character, the glue that sticks the Trio together. I really believe that Ron is the heart. Sure, he provides comic relief, but he’s so much more than that. He puts things into perspective. He gives Harry and Hermione laughter and fun and yeah okay, he gives them a lot of trouble as well by falling out with Hermione a few times or Harry once and splitting the group apart, but the whole point of that is that their Trio just doesn’t work without him. Harry and Hermione are close, sure, but they never would have been without Ron around. After all, Ron is the thing that Harry would miss most! (see p.426 of The Goblet of Fire). Ron’s also incredibly loyal to his family, friends and what he believes in, which really is an important thing for anyone to have, and something I definitely have in common with good old Ron Weasley.

I can’t believe J.K Rowling once planned to kill Ron off. So glad she didn’t!!

Seven Ron Weasley Quotes/moments:

‘HAVE YOU GONE MAD!’ Ron bellowed. ‘ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?’ (the time when Ron kept his head and Hermione didn’t).

‘That’d be a cheerful visit,’ said Ron. ‘Hello, Hagrid, tell us, have you been setting anything mad and hairy loose in the castle lately?’ (one of the many times Ron was sarcastic).

‘Yeah, it will,’ said Ron fiercely. ‘You won’t have to do all the work alone this time, Hermione. I’ll help.’ (one of the times Ron puts his grudge behind him and forgave/apologies aka the best reunion ever that should have been in the film).

‘Percy wouldn’t recognise a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing Dobby’s tea-cosy.’ (one of the many times Ron makes me laugh uncontrollably).

‘Harry, we saw Uranus up close!’ Said Ron, still giggling feebly. ‘Get it, Harry? We saw Uranus – ha ha ha –’ (the time when Ron gets cursed by a stupid spell and shortly after gets strangled by magical tentacle brains).

‘We’re with you whatever happens,’ said Ron. (the time Ron pledged his loyalty to Harry once again).

‘All’s fair in love and war,’ said Ron brightly. ‘And this is a bit of both.’ (when Ron is acting leader, being optimistic and going after what he wants).

 Ron Weasley stills/gifs: (all found on tumblr)

cute-harry-potter-kid-ron-weasley-ronald-rony-Favim.com-85580 candy-haha-harry-potter-lol-ron-ron-weasley-Favim.com-82658

large tumblr_mpbicqbWaO1sytlewo8_500

tumblr_inline_ms1vtoxxk91qz4rgp SORCERERS_STONE_SCREENSHOT_2tumblr_n6phbvfGQ91rg6ti1o5_500 tumblr_m9r8ozvAdN1qa9jn1o2_500

Harry-Potter-And-The-Prisoner-Of-Azkaban-ronald-weasley-17163780-1920-800 hp31

The-Goblet-of-Fire-ronald-weasley-19249187-650-348 tumblr_m24dbqY4Lt1qeenmqo2_500


tumblr_mwiw0ksWmi1qeijvdo5_r1_250 tumblr_m5vf11mXML1qddbj3o1_500

tumblr_mh3ul7doZB1qglajzo2_r1_500 tumblr_m2fafwcINl1r1jcr0o1_500

url images

tumblr_ljrulzO37R1qzerjgo1_r3_500 tumblr_mxb6oorKaO1qili3vo2_500

(and I could easily go on…)

Wow. All I want to do for the rest of the week is read Harry Potter and watch Harry Potter and gush over the brilliance of Ron Weasley.

Happy HP day everyone :).


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. Wow. Well, I don’t necessarily have the same strong connection that you do with Ron, I think I do connect the least with him of the trio, but I’ve never disliked or discounted him either. You make some great points about his humor and contributions to the stories, too. I don’t know why fans feel they must go around tearing apart particular characters or pieces of a series. I just try to enjoy it all. But great pick for your post!

    Here’s my HP MOTW!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 I know, it’s strange why some people have to go around putting down other characters. I especially can’t stand it when it comes to Ron 😛 But all HP characters are fantastic and I love them all 🙂 Thanks for your comment. I looked at yours before, great post. I think my comment went through?? Have a great day.


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