Jasmine’s Playlists #7: November


1. Never Play by Emily and the Woods


I didn’t ask to be born

I don’t think I’ll ask to die

I didn’t ask for the ground beneath my feet

I didn’t ask for the sky

2. You by Keaton Henson

(and every one of his other songs like Charon, 10am Gare du Nord, Teach Me and Lying To You)


If you must fight,

Fight with yourself and your thoughts in the night

If you must work,

Work to leave some part of you on this earth

If you must live, darling one,

Just live

3. Run by San Cisco 


I gravitate to you like your my moon

My moon at sea

My thoughts drift back to you momentarily

You’ve never been the one chasing me

 4. Games by Youth Allowance


I am tired of all our games

I still light up all the same

I admire her refrain

Saw the signs

Give her away

5. Hold Me Down by Mansionair feat. Revier


This is the place we lose our minds

Hold me down

Dammit, don’t you know that I will be there

6. Wah Ha by Lisa Mitchell 


Well here I sway tempted by the waves

What will it be? Dry land or open sea?

You’ve got nothing to lose

7. Oceans by Coasts


We’re in a rapture girl

We live in a lonely world

Willing to be the same

The same as it always was

8. The Daylight by Andrew Belle


But blessed was the daylight

Flooded my heart windows

And cleared the smoke that billowed out

I’m repairing my heart for you

9. Before Tonight by Raglans


Empty stations in the rain

And you are lost to me again

So let it rain on me again

What will come will come

What will be will be

10. It’s Okay by Tom Rosenthal 


Speak to me

My heart is free

My love has gone away

It’s okay

I know someday I’m gonna be with you


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