Harry Potter Moment of the Week


The awesome HP moment of the week is a meme held by Uncorked Thoughts 

13/11/2014 – Which Weasley character would you be?

I literally have no idea which Weasley character I’d be. I suppose, as a girl, it’s my natural instinct to first think of Ginny. But I decided to do some online quizzes because I really don’t know. Some of the quizzes were really crap, though, and it was too obvious which Weasley they were talking about, but anyway…

My results:

1. Ginny

You’re brave, independent, and clever! You have a spicy love life, but aren’t overly concerned with romance. A true leader, you know how to support and guide your friends and family to success.

2. Ginny

(the results for this quiz were weird though…I was also 100% Hermione and 100% Percy!)

3. Ron!

You are very loyal to your family and friends. You sometimes feel over shadowed; but you always find a way to shine. You’re not the brightest in the class, but you still manage to achieve well.

4. Ginny

Tough, kind, and daring. A boyish girl who rocks at quidditch.

(haha…I don’t rock at any kind of sport and I wouldn’t call myself daring or boyish. But okay).

5. Ginny

52.5% Ginny and 10.9% Fred, Charlie and Arthur and 5% for everyone else.


Well, I guess I’m Ginny then?

To be honest, I really don’t know. I feel like maybe a mixture of all of them, I suppose. I mean they’re all such wonderful characters (yes even Percy) and I’d like to think I might share something in common with all of them. I mean who (except for pure blood idiots) don’t like the Weasleys? 🙂


9 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week

  1. I think I went at this one more as who I would like to be instead of who I’m more like. I definitely have traits of all of the different Weasleys, so I couldn’t attack the question from that standpoint. I love all the crazy quizzes you took LOL


  2. You’re right: ALL the Weasleys are awesome in their own right, but I went with Ginny too! She’s seriously awesome, and I admire her courage a lot – not to mention how much I admire how she grew as a character throughout the series 😀 Awesome pick ^^


    1. Indeed 🙂 Yeah Ginny is pretty awesome! I especially liked her in the books (don’t feel the film version quite worked for me in Ginny’s case for some reason). That’s cool we’re both Ginny! 🙂


  3. These quizes are pretty lame hahaha 😀 But they are sort of in snyc for you. I am pretty sporty, tomboyisha nd such so I am definitely Ginny.
    I agree that all of us can relate to all of them in a way because they are so diverse and very cool people. 🙂


  4. I love that you took quizzes to find out which one you were/would be! I thought about doing that, but then didn’t. I would want to be Ginny, and think I do share some of her traits, but don’t know that I’m necessarily like her (I’d probably be rubbish at Quidditch!) overall personality. In the end, I chose Molly for this week’s HP MOTW!

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