Jasmine’s Playlists #6: In Dedication of Little Comets


I literally love every single song of Little Comets, but here is 10 song playlist of some of them (ones I think I haven’t had in a playlist before?). Their lyrics are amazing and I find them so relatable (when I can figure out what they might mean anyway).

cover.600x600-75 Little-Comets-Jennifer-571727 EX-CATH-PROMO-FRONT5060257960033_medium0001072840_350little-comets1

1. Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead of Night

It’s like a fire

That holds me here

In this regard

You tie me down

I will be waiting

Waiting for us

2. The Assisted

Assisted by those who know

The memories I used to be

Suffering grips all my days

Taut like an elegy

3. Coalition of One 

And There Are So Many People

That Feel Let Down

Like I Do

4. Tense Empty

Don’t demonstrate with disregard

Don’t live your life with dreams

Of torment in your sullied heart

Don’t give a kiss, don’t settle down

If all you need, is to break a vow

You’ve been getting away with it all these years

5. Worry

Realise nothingness in both her eyes

And the way his words could strip

The walls she’s climbing

6. Joanna 

Strangle me with your words

Twist and turn like a chinese burn

Sully me with those lines

A thousand promises

I only ever wanted one

7. Figures

What lonely heart is supposed to stand around and cheat me

There’s a hole in my soul and I’m not seeing clearly

I’m sure I’m above this

8. Her Black Eyes

A victim of his token love

9. The Western Boy 

You should wash me away

One day I’ll wake up

And I won’t need you anymore

10. Bridge Burn

So now her heart’s

A mirror from the start

Evacuates the empty space between them

He holds her near

The sun a souvenir

A final time to reminisce before they bridge burn


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