Jasmine’s Playlists #5: happy/chill songs (with meaningful lyrics).


1. First Time by Vance Joy


You’ll find out

That the deepest cut

Is the first time

2. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall by Coldplay


So you can hurt, hurt me bad

But I’ll still raise the flag

3. My Heart Is A Wheel by Megan Washington 


Didn’t mean to let go of your hand

But I am, I am

4. I’m Not Coming Back by Husky


I’m waking fright, with the moon outside 

Sleep won’t come.

I hope I’ll breath.

5. How Much Does Your Love Cost by Thelma Plum


Don’t speak

I hope you’re happy

‘Cause I think I payed what you want

You don’t deserve my love now

6. Jasmine by Mosman Alder


Where my mother died 

Jasmine on her grave 

7. Bayonne by Little Comets


So always be suspicious when they put their arms around you

And they tell you they’re delighted to see you

8. Featherstone by Paper Kites


We’ll hate what we’ve lost

But we’ll love what we find

9. Young Blood by The Naked and Famous 


The bittersweet between my teeth

Trying to find the in-between 

Fall back in love eventually 

10. Something Good Can Work (Acoustic) by Two Door Cinema Club


Let’s make this happen girl

You gotta show the world that something good can work

And it can work for you


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