What do you spend most of your time doing?

Inspired by Words Read and Written and her post What do you spend most of your time doing?

A good question. A few weeks ago, if I’d posted this then, it would have included the time I used to spend with a certain someone I no longer spend time with (but let’s not get into that). At the moment, though, my life is really quite quiet and, even though others might find it lonely, I’m enjoying the alone time/the time to look after myself more.

Anyway. Here goes:

1. Studying. 

This is number one on my list for obvious reasons, though in just over a week it will be completely scraped off my list. I finally handed in my 15,000 word and 90 pages long thesis yesterday. Here it is looking pretty awesome all bound up hehe:


Now I’ve just got to finish my last essay, only 3,500 words so shouldn’t be too hard, and I’m finished with my Honours degree! 😀 By then, all my friends will have finished too and I’ll have more time and energy to be social woo 🙂

2. Contemplating things/lazing around

Sounds silly, but I have lately been “contemplating” things a lot…things I won’t get into here. Anyway, this “activity” usually involves me sitting/lying on my bed, surfing the net on my iPad, which usually involves my tumblr, and listening to A LOT of music!

3. Reading

Soon reading will probably be my number one, but at the moment, even though I’m probably reading more than I did before, I’ve had to push reading aside. Still, I’ve read a few books over the last few weeks and started a couple as well. Before I know it I’ll have read at least 20 books by the end of the year!

4. Watching things with my family or on my own/doing other family things

My family and I quite enjoy watching things together :). We all watch The Walking Dead (we had a massive stint of that show over the last few months as I was the only one who’d watched it and then they all got obsessed and binged watched all four seasons), though I’m not sure about season 5 yet, and we watch (whether me and my mum or me and my sister) True Detective, Red Band Society, Awkward, My Mad Fat Diary (spent a fair bit of time watching that lately!)…and other shows. Mum and I are about to start watching Breaking Bad season 5 (she’s been busy catching up to me).

We also do a lot of family stuff. Last weekend, for example, we all went up to Badger Weir park for a family picnic/to celebrate my siblings birthdays. Badger Weir is one of my most favourite places in Australia. Looks like this:


I also spend a few nights a week with my mum doing Bikram yoga (which, if you don’t know, is 90 minutes of yoga poses in a 39c studio) Sometimes it’s excruciating, but I’m really enjoying it!

5. Writing/blogging 

I have to admit that I really wish I were spending more time writing, but that will soon change when I finish with all the study-related writing I’ve been doing. I have started writing/planning a novel though, which I will definitely get started on asap. And of course, I try and update my blog a few times a week, so yeah.

Well, that’s it really. Thanks for posting yours Jodie, and inspiring me to do the same.

Have a good day/night everyone! 🙂


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