Harry Potter Moment of the Week


So. Once again time zones are a bit iffy, but well… I didn’t even know this meme, hosted by Uncorked Thoughts even existed till now. And really, I think my blog, as I am a big, big Harry Potter fan, needs some HP weekly. So, there you go. Hope you like the image…It’s my Ron Weasley figurine held up before my row of HP books. Haha.

Anyway. Without further ado, this week’s question…

16/10/2014 – Where would you live as a witch/wizard? (With muggles, magical surrounding etc.)

I would live in a small cottage with a pretty garden in the English countryside, away from the noise of London/cities. I’d live there if I was a witch/wizard because that’s where I’d love to live as a muggle. The cottage would look something like this:


Seriously, I want to be there right now!

If I couldn’t live in the cottage for whatever reason, I’d just have to live at Hogwarts. Maybe build myself a cottage there beside Hagrid’s! 🙂


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