Jasmine’s Playlists #3


1. Delicate by Fauntella Crow

I’m so aware I care

I notice every moment

When you’re gone they feel so long

2. Destroyer by Panama 

you’re sure a time destroyer

3Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith

I tell myself I don’t care that much

But I feel like I’ll die ’til I feel your touch

4. I Am Not An End by Montaigne 

I keep myself alight

I keep myself upright

Waiting to come alive

Waiting to just stop dying

5. You & I by Local Natives 

The closer I get, the further I have to go

To places we don’t know

6. Need You Tonight by Husky (Live A Version)

How do you feel

I’m lonely

What do you think

Can’t take it all

Watcha gonna do

Gonna live my life

7. Skinny Love by Bon Iver

who will love you?

who will fight?

who will fall far behind?

8. Wherever You Are by Angus & Julia Stone

I want to be wherever you are

And we’re sitting in that room

And you spoke in Japanese

9. The End by The Jezabels 

Is this the end of life worth living?

10. Fire Escape by Foster the People

I’ve watched the dreamers find their legs

And I’ve seen the ones that come get reduced to bones and rags

Save yourself


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