Day 30

30 Day Book Challenge

Finally, it’s the last day of this challenge. It has been fun. Please look at beckysblog if you’d like to do the challenge yourself. Also follow her!

So without further ado….

30. Book you couldn’t put down.

Okay, well there are many books I’ve read that I haven’t been able to put down.

The most recent case of this was Stephanie Perkins’s Isla and the Happily Ever After. I read it in two sittings.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been disappointed with this novel, or haven’t loved it as much as Anna and Lola, and while I admit it’s not as good as Anna, for most part I really enjoyed it. I do agree that the execution of SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER Isla feeling insecure and breaking up with Josh because of that insecurity could have been better as part of the plot. While this is true, I think it’s a very real part of a relationship that one can break up with the other due to feelings of low self-esteem, the feeling that they couldn’t possibly be truly loved by the one they love. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed the beginning of Josh and Isla’s relationship. It was sweet and passionate, and really showed what love is like in the beginning. An all consuming love.

I also really enjoyed the conclusion. I thought it was kind of a perfect way to end the book. Of course it helped that we got to see Anna, Etienne and the others again. But it just might be that I enjoyed this novel because it was great learning more about Josh. He quickly became my favourite. I also found myself really relating to Isla, which I didn’t much with Anna and Lola as much. I thought, though unsteadily at times, Perkins managed to write a good story about young love that was real and not entirely perfect and full of confusion, feelings that often come with love.

I’ll stop there.

Thanks all for reading my book challenge entries.

Happy reading!


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