Day 27

30 Day Book Challenge

27. Book that has been on your “to read” list the longest.

There are so many books that have been on my reading list for such a long time! But there is one book that I can’t decide if I want to read, or that I just keep forgetting about because there are so many other books I want to read.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath


Ever since I first watched 10 Things I Hate About You, in which Julia Stiles’s character reads the novel, I have wanted to read this book. I borrowed it from my boyfriend a couple of years ago and have not yet managed to sit down and flip open to the first page. Over the last few years I have grown to love Plath’s poetry, especially her collection Ariel, but I have yet to read anything else of hers. I think I’ve been hesitant because it will probably be a novel that will make me a bit depressed. But one day I definitely want to look again into the fascinating corners of Plath’s mind. And I really think I’ll enjoy this book a lot. Unfortunately, it isn’t on my reading list for this year. Perhaps next year I’ll be able to say that I’ve finally read this.


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