Um hi I don’t know what to put as the title..


I was just thinking to myself that, even though I should really be working on the pre-production stage of my Watership Down essay, it’s time I should write another post. Most of my posts have been the 30 Day Challenge, and although I’m quite happy I’ve managed to post them every day, I think it’s time I posted something else as well.

First off, I just wanted to thank all of you for following me. I only really started posting regularly a month ago, and to have 53 followers already is a pleasant surprise. To be honest I was a little reluctant to start this blog because I didn’t really think many people would be reading it. The fact that you guys are is really awesome :). Especially when I don’t even have a lot of spare time to spend on this blog at the moment.

It is a very busy time for me. In a months time I will finish my Honours year, and after four years of studying and having to read the set texts for all the English subjects I’ve done, I’m really, really looking forwards to being able to read whatever I want and to have the time to write more. As you may have seen by reading my first Reading List I am planning on reading 30 books through the end of October to December. It should be a challenge, especially if I get the job I want (at a bookstore), but I’m going to try my best! At the moment I am still in the process of reading Assassins Apprentice and Watership Down, so I should have them finished soon! I will be posting reviews and updates about my reading during that time.

I am also planning on writing my second novel during my break (which, at the moment, could be for awhile depending on when and if I go back to study next year). I think it will be a young adult realist fiction of some kind. Should be fun 🙂

So that’s all the fun stuff.

Of course, as any early-20’s student, I have a lot of other things to worry about. Money/job/career…finally getting my driver’s licence…the future…if I’ll ever have enough money to travel…how long I want to travel and leave my boyfriend behind…when I can move out of home…politics… There are sure a lot of things to look forwards to and worry about, that’s for sure.

I wish we didn’t have to be slaves to money. I just want to write and read. You know?

I don’t even know what the point of this post is. I guess I just wanted to ramble about my own nonsense thoughts and post it.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne. A lovely day to have lunch with the family for my Mum’s birthday and then walk along the yarra river and feed some ducks 🙂


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