Day 17

30 Day Book Challenge

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17. Author you wish people would read more.

The first authors that came to mind is Patrick Ness and John Marsden. Not because they aren’t already read by many people (I know they are), but because people need to read them more more more!!! Apologies if you HAVE read all of their books, but if you haven’t here is a list of books by these two incredible authors that I love and you should be loving to:

The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness

It is no secret that this is one of my favourite set of books. I’ve noticed a lot of people didn’t enjoy these as much as I did, especially the second and third instalments, but I won’t be backed down. The fact that they’re going to be made into films does say something about the readership of this series already, but we need more Chaos fans!

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A glorious, glorious book about a boy who seeks the help of a magical tree to help him through his mother’s terminal illness. Also being made into a film. It has amazing illustrations to go with the poignant story.

More Than This by Patrick Ness

A very interesting and unique portray of after life. Loved it. READ IT.

The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden

It is my humble opinion that everyone in the world should read these books! Well done if you have. If you haven’t, get to it. What book lover wouldn’t want to read one of the best Australian series about a group of Aussie teens who have to bind together to fight against an invasion of their country. Amazing, tense, horrific, wonderful are just some words that come to mind. The sequel series The Ellie Chronciles are also a great read.

So Much To Tell You by John Marsden 

A truly moving and impacting novel. One of the saddest I have read.

Checkers by John Marsden 

A truly incredible, gritty and  novel.

Dear Miffy by John Marsden 

I can’t really describe this novel. It made me feel a lot of things.

Letters From the Inside

This novel is amazing. I get chills just thinking about the ending.

Though I admit I really still need to read Ness and Marsden’s other novels, these ones are fabulous and definitely should be added to your reading lists.


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